SuperPowered University Announces the Launch of the ‘SuperPowered’ Book Series in 2024

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Maurice W. Evans, Powernality™ Certified Master Trainer

Maurice W. Evans, Powernality Certified Master Trainer

‘SuperPowered You!’, anthology by leading author Maurice W. Evans and Powernality certified coaches. Anticipate its release before the end of Spring 2024.

‘SuperPowered You!’ and the subsequent books in the ‘SuperPowered’ series…is more than just a collection of books; it’s a movement, inspiring readers to discover and unleash their Super-Self.”

— Maurice W. Evans, Powernality Certified Master Trainer

SuperPowered You!’ – The Inaugural Anthology Book Co-Authored by Maurice W. Evans and Powernality Certified Coaches

SuperPowered University, a beacon in the field of personal development, is excited to announce the 2024 launch of its ‘SuperPowered’ book series. The series of anthologies will kick off with ‘SuperPowered You!’, led by Maurice W. Evans, a #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author multiple times over. In an extraordinary opportunity, Powernality certified coaches are invited to join Maurice as co-authors, enhancing their influence and impact.

A Collaboration of SuperPowered Minds

‘SuperPowered You!’ is not just a book; it’s a collaboration of minds attuned to empowerment and growth. Maurice W. Evans, with his extensive experience and success as a best-selling author, leads a team of Powernality-certified coaches. Each coach brings unique insights and experiences, making ‘SuperPowered You!’ a mosaic of motivational and transformative stories and strategies.

What to Expect from the ‘SuperPowered’ Book Series

The ‘SuperPowered’ series aims to inspire readers with real stories of transformation and success, practical advice, and powerful insights into activating the Super-Self. ‘SuperPowered You!’ is the first of several releases planned throughout 2024, each promising to be a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.

An Unprecedented Opportunity for Certified Coaches

This initiative offers Powernality-certified coaches a unique platform to share their expertise and stories on an international stage. Co-authoring with Maurice W. Evans represents a significant opportunity for these coaches to expand their reach and make a profound impact on a global audience.

“‘SuperPowered You!’ and the subsequent books in the ‘SuperPowered’ series represent a convergence of powerful voices in the field of personal development,” said Maurice W. Evans, #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author and Powernality Certified Master Trainer. “We’re bringing together the best minds from our community of Powernality-certified coaches to share their wisdom and insights. This series is more than just a collection of books; it’s a movement, inspiring readers to discover and unleash their Super-Self.”

Stay Updated for the Release

For more information on ‘SuperPowered You!’ and upcoming books in the series, please visit Updates on the release dates and author features will be available on this site.

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