Pierre Zarokian Releases Handout Detailing Steps for Wikipedia Page Creation
Pierre Zarokian Releases Handout Detailing Steps for Wikipedia Page Creation

Pierre Zarokian

Unlock the secrets of successful Wikipedia page creation with Pierre Zarokian’s handout. Valuable insights for a credible online presence.

I advocate for using platforms like Upwork that offer an escrow system, providing protection against potential scammers when hiring Wikipedia editors or other marketing freelancers.”

— Pierre Zarokian

GLENDALE, CA, USA, December 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Creating a Wikipedia page can be a valuable step in establishing an online presence for individuals, businesses, or notable entities. However, navigating the Wikipedia guidelines and ensuring a page’s approval requires careful consideration. Pierre Zarokian, an Upwork freelancer specializing in Wikipedia Page Creation and Consulting, has published these tips to help create a Wikipedia page that is informative, credible, and adheres to Wikipedia’s standards.

1- Notability is Key:

Before attempting to create a Wikipedia page, ensure that the subject meets Wikipedia’s notability criteria. Wikipedia generally requires subjects to have received significant coverage from reliable, independent sources. Interviews and podcasts generally are not acceptable, because they are considered to be primary info and not reliable. Similarly, press releases or bio/profile pages are not acceptable.

2- Thorough Research:

Wikipedia articles require comprehensive information about the subject of the page. This includes details about the individual, company, or entity, along with proper citations from reliable sources. Wikipedia values verifiability, so the content must be backed by credible references.

3- Neutral Point of View (NPOV):

Wikipedia articles must maintain a neutral tone throughout. Wikipedia articles should present information objectively, without bias or promotional language. Superlatives and subjective statements should be avoided.

4- Follow Wikipedia Guidelines:

Become familiar with Wikipedia’s content guidelines, style manual, and notability standards. Adhering to these guidelines increases the chances of the page being accepted and avoids potential issues with Wikipedia moderators. Paid editing and/or conflicts of interest must be disclosed to comply with Wikipedia policies.

5- Citations and References:

Every piece of information added to the page should include citations to reliable sources. Proper references must support the content, allowing readers to verify the information independently. Unsourced or poorly sourced content may be removed.

6- Engage with the Wikipedia Community:

Wikipedia’s collaborative nature requires users to engage with the Wikipedia community. Seeking advice, requesting feedback, or asking for assistance on relevant talk pages is part of the process. Building a positive relationship with experienced Wikipedia editors can be beneficial.

7- Create a Draft:

Wikipedia allows users to create draft pages before publishing them. Creating pages in the draft space gives users the opportunity to refine and perfect the content, ensuring it aligns with Wikipedia’s standards before they submit the page for review.

8- Include Notable Achievements:

Pages should highlight the subject’s notable achievements, contributions, or milestones. Wikipedia often emphasizes the aspects that contribute to the subject’s notability and distinguishes them from others in their field. But again, all content must be properly cited using credible publications. Pierre Zarokian states: “For example, if you have a university degree but there is no news or citation about it other than your own LinkedIn or company pages, then you should skip such information.”

9- Be Prepared for Edits:

Wikipedia pages are subject to edits by the community. Page authors should be open to constructive edits that enhance the page’s quality. Authors can monitor the page for changes and address any concerns or disputes on the talk page.

10- Consider Hiring a Professional:

Creating a Wikipedia page can be a challenging endeavor, given the multitude of rules and criteria that may be unfamiliar. Without significant time researching and understanding the guidelines, hiring a professional for the task is the best option. However, users must avoid falling victim to scammers who may accept payment without delivering the promised page. There have been reports of companies, often advertised on Google or ranking high for relevant search terms, engaging in fraudulent practices. Some unscrupulous individuals might initially quote a low fee, only to introduce additional charges before making the page live. Pierre Zarokian says: “Personally, as an Upwork Freelancer, I advocate for using platforms like Upwork that offer an escrow system, providing protection against potential scammers when hiring Wikipedia editors or other marketing freelancers.”

Creating a Wikipedia page requires diligence, adherence to guidelines, and a commitment to presenting information accurately and objectively. By following these tips, the likelihood of a Wikipedia page being accepted and contributing positively to the platform’s wealth of knowledge increases.

For an evaluation of a subject’s Wikipedia notability, readers can reach out to Pierre Zarokian through his company’s page at Submit Express (www.submitexpress.com) or on Upwork (www.upwork.com/freelancers/pierrezarokian).

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