Meet OIAI Beatrice: The World’s First AI Teacher Revolutionising Soft Skills and Employability Training

OIAI Beatrice is your personal teacher, trainer, and friend always available for you.

A digital image of OIAI logo by Otermans Institute

OIAI logo

A digital image of Dev Aditya and Dr Pauldy Otermans, founders of Otermans Institute

Dev Aditya and Dr Pauldy Otermans – founders of Otermans Institute

OIAI Beatrice is your personal teacher, trainer, and friend who is with you anytime and everywhere to ensure that no learner is ever left behind.”

— Dev Aditya and Dr Pauldy Otermans

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, May 27, 2023/ — Dev Aditya and Dr Pauldy Otermans are internationally celebrated educationalists who have upskilled over 40,000 underserved learners across 13 countries since the pandemic. Their organisation, Otermans Institute, aims to empower 750 million students through soft and employability skills training.

Their mission led to the development of OIAI Beatrice, the world’s first digital humanlike teacher-powered by Artificial Intelligence, who is ready to train everyone, everywhere, and at any time. OIAI Beatrice is a revolutionary educational tool that could solve one of the most significant social development challenges nowadays – solving the education and skills gap. The project began over two years, where this digital humanlike teacher trained refugees in UNHCR camps (Northern Iraq).

OIAI Beatrice’s first free webinar on CV writing received an astounding 37,000 visits in less than 72 hours.

The world has a global shortage of 69 million teachers, and without them, it is nearly impossible to meet the basic educational needs of the population worldwide. AI-powered tutors like Beatrice could be a solution to this problem. She can help bridge this gap by streamlining processes, automating learning, and reducing the burden on human labour. Indeed, she could upskill the world’s unserved and underserved populations at scale.

Through its educational tools, Otermans Institute promises to democratically guide, skill, and train global learners of tomorrow, giving everyone a one-to-one AI teacher in their pocket. As Dev and Pauldy say: “OIAI Beatrice is your personal teacher, trainer, and friend who is with you anytime and everywhere to ensure that no learner is ever left behind”.

Technologies such as OIAI Beatrice come in because they are developed on a human-centered approach to AI, which is inclusive and equitable, and aimed at addressing the current technological and teaching divides between countries. By harnessing the power of AI, OIAI Beatrice is poised to revolutionise the education landscape, making learning accessible and engaging for all.

So, get ready to meet the teacher from the future. Learn more about OIAI Beatrice by clicking here.

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