Dr. Renata Shiloah Promotes Healing Through Poetry with 2nd Book: “POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women”

Dr. Shiloah is known for her books and natural healing advice to uplift midlife women coping with menopausal symptoms

VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK, USA, January 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Renata Shiloah, the celebrated author of “It’s Time for a PAUSE,” is back with an adjunct to her first book which was also written especially for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause symptoms—”POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women.” Released today, the “soul-stirring” collection of poems offers a thought-provoking exploration of midlife, menopause, and the resilience of the female spirit.

As a seasoned clinical nutritionist with over two decades of experience, Dr. Shiloah brings her profound insights and personal journey through menopause to life through the power of poetry. “POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women” delves into the struggles, transformations, and triumphs of women navigating the challenging terrain of their 40s, 50s, and beyond.

“I wrote this collection from the depths of my own experiences and struggles, driven by a desire to illuminate the path for women enduring the hardships of midlife,” said Dr. Shiloah. “These poems are a testament to the strength of every woman facing this lengthy, lonely, and physically and mentally taxing journey.”

Midlife women often grapple with physical and emotional changes that can be isolating and bewildering. According to The National Institute on Aging, over 1 million women suffer from menopause symptoms each year (nia.nih.gov 2022) and these symptoms include everything from excess belly fat, hot flashes, insomnia, changes in body composition, hair loss or thinning, and negative changes to brain function. Having experienced many of these difficulties herself, Dr. Shiloah wrote “POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women” as a beacon of hope and solace, reminding women that they are not alone in their journey.

Building on the success of her first book, “It’s Time for a PAUSE,” which garnered praise and testimonials from women who found relief from Dr. Shiloah’s natural healing protocols, Dr. Shiloah continues to empower women to embrace their midlife with vigor and vitality.

Here is what some readers had to say about “It’s Time for a PAUSE”:

– “Life-changing advice! Dr. Shiloah’s wisdom helped me regain control of my health and happiness.” – Sarah W.

– “Finally, a holistic approach to menopause that works! This book is a game-changer.” – Lisa M.

To purchase a copy of “POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women”, visit Dr. Shiloah’s profile on Amazon or wherever books are sold or visit her website at https://nutritionist4u.com/.

About Dr. Renata Shiloah

Dr. Renata Shiloah DCN MS RD CDN RYT CMT is a distinguished Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health with a passion for empowering women to lead vibrant lives during midlife and beyond. She holds a Doctoral Degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health and a Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy and Management from Stony Brook University Medical Center. Dr. Shiloah is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a Reiki practitioner who has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets, including Teen Vogue, Prevention, and Good Morning America.

In addition to her medical accomplishments, Dr. Shiloah is also the author of “It’s Time for a PAUSE,” “POEMS from the Heart for Midlife Women,” and the soon-to-be-released title “Me & You Together Forever: Lucy’s Magical Day with Grandma.” Her upcoming children’s book, which is book 1 of a new series, is a heartwarming tale that aims to foster intergenerational bonds and reinforce the message that vitality and vibrancy can flourish even in the role of “grandmother.”

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