Spectral Design & Test Announces AI/ML Based Breakthrough Technology to Do Fast and Accurate Characterization & Validate Memory Compilers

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Mar 6, 2023

Spectral Design & Test Inc (SDT) today announced that they have successfully characterized and verified 12 Memory Compilers (configurable Memory Designs) in 14/22 nm process nodes using their proprietary “SimLess” technology to capture design specific data models. The ML/AI based Software complements MemoryTime, the resulting methodology was able to cut the compute budget for analysis  and characterization of  Memory Compilers plus a significant improvement in data integrity.

Characterization in advanced process nodes involves running exhaustive simulations by using circuit analysis tools to build robust designs. “Based upon data from over 50 designs across various process nodes, SDT engineers used a learning system to  train a data model to accurately represent SRAM timing, leakage, power as a surface over a wide range of Memory Compiler configurations,” said Deepak Mehta, President & CEO at Spectral. “Furthermore, the inference-based data model self-adjusts by using ‘SimLess’ to adjust the surface (see Fig 1/Fig 2) such that final PPA (Performance Power Area) metrics are within 1-3 percent accuracy. A combination of datapoints and curve fit  driven 3-D surface  and targeted spice simulation ensures  true to silicon outcome ensuring a high level of data integrity.

MemoryTime is SDT’s Memory Characterization & Analysis tool, “Simless” data model  is compatible with Verilog Models generated by MemoryTime. “Simless” executable will be rolled out in April and will be demonstrated at our Booth in GOMAC 2023.  

About Spectral Design & Test, Inc.

Spectral is a point solution provider specialized in embedded memory development. Our products address the needs of library developers & SOC designers. Spectral also offers intellectual property (IP) in the form of specialized embedded memories as part of their MemoryIP offering. Spectral currently supports customers in several different markets namely medical, IoT, 5G, Mil-Aero and many others. For more information, visit http://www.spectral-dt.com or email us at [email protected]

Source: Spectral Design & Test Inc.

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