zTV: Simplifies Setting Sleep Timers on TVs

zTV Sleep Timer Remote 2.0 – A Simplified Universal Single Button Sleep Timer TV Remote

Introducing zTV Remote 2.0: A Simplified TV Sleep Timer Remote

VIENNA, VA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — zTV, a Virginia-based company, introduces a user-friendly TV remote designed to eliminate the hassle of setting sleep timers. This compact remote, under 1.5 inches in diameter, features a single button to effortlessly set your TV timer, eliminating the need to navigate through complex menus on a TV.

“As an engineer, I struggled with setting sleep timers on my new TV,” explains zTV owner Francisco Rivas. “Navigating menus was cumbersome, especially when tired before going to sleep. Even if I managed to set it up, extending the timer required going through the entire process again, so I rarely used it. I couldn’t find a solution, so the idea for zTV was born.”

The zTV remote is designed to be compatible with most TV brands and models, both old and new. With a single button, you can set the TV timer in 15-minute increments, and at any point, you have the option to extend it or simply turn the TV off.

About zTV

zTV is a Virginia-based company dedicated to developing innovative products that simplify everyday tasks. For more information, please visit https://ztvremote.com/

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zTV Sleep Timer Remote 2.0 – A Simplified Universal Single Button Sleep Timer TV Remote

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