VIKOC Launches Influential Post-Sharing Feature, Offering New Collaborative Opportunities for Brands and Influencers

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VIKOC unveils Influencer Post-Sharing Service, linking brands with influencers for impactful social media collaborations.

SPOKANE, WA, UNITED STATES, December 25, 2023 / — VIKOC, a leading influencer creation and service platform, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative Influencer Post-Sharing Service. Designed for social media influencers with significant follower bases, this service aims to foster collaborations between brands and influencers, leveraging the power of personal endorsements.

The newly introduced service enables influential social media personalities to accept post-sharing tasks on the VIKOC platform. By posting brand videos and copy on their own YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts, influencers can earn commissions. This offers brands a unique opportunity to disseminate their message through authentic and influential voices, while also providing social media influencers with a new revenue stream.

“The aim is to build more effective and rewarding bridges between brands and influencers,” said the CEO of VIKOC. “Our Influencer Post-Sharing Service not only helps brands increase their visibility but also enables influencers to better leverage their reach through collaboration with brands.”

This service highlights VIKOC’s commitment to innovation and its ongoing efforts to provide more diverse and profitable collaboration opportunities for both brands and influencers. The Influencer Post-Sharing Service is expected to attract more high-quality creators and brands, seeking collaborative opportunities in this rapidly evolving market.

Complementing this is VIKOC’s recently launched affiliate sales service for TikTok Shop, providing a comprehensive platform for social media influencers. This platform offers various income avenues, from video production and product promotion to earning through post-sharing tasks. This marks another significant innovation by VIKOC in the realm of social media marketing.

Registration for the Influencer Post-Sharing Service on the VIKOC platform is now open, and both influencers and brands interested in this collaborative opportunity are invited to participate. For more information, please visit the official VIKOC website.

About VIKOC:
VIKOC is a platform dedicated to connecting brands with creative influencers. Offering a range of services including video shooting, social media posting, and video-based product promotion, VIKOC aims to help brands amplify their reach while providing creators with opportunities to monetize their talents.

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