Valentine’s Day Promotion Gifts Warm Blankets to Needy Moms

Blankets for the Wrap, Care & Share campaign generously donated by Sackcloth & Ashes

Donation to Birthline’s “Wrap, Care and Share” campaign funds Valentine’s Day gifts of warm, cozy blankets to vulnerable families.

Birthline also wishes to express a huge ‘thank you’ to Sackcloth & Ashes for their compassionate heart and generous donation of many blankets to help our community during these rainy, cold months.””

— Andrea Estrada, Birthline’s Executive Director

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2024 / — Birthline of San Diego is planning a special Valentine’s Day event for the vulnerable moms and their kids that the organization serves.

The Wrap, Care & Share campaign provides a wonderful opportunity to gift a mom in need with a beautiful, warm and cozy custom blanket from Sackcloth & Ashes, a small mission-driven business that supports community-driven solutions. The blankets are responsibly made from recycled materials fabricated in Italy and finished in the USA.

Birthline’s Wrap, Care and Share provides two options for donors to choose from:

Option A—Every $100 Wrap, Care & Share donation to Birthline of San Diego funds a special Valentine’s Day gift blanket during these crisp winter days to a needy mother with children.

Option B—Every $250 donation to funds three special Valentine’s Day gifts: two to needy mothers and one complimentary blanket for the donor. The donor can hand pick their blanket to gift to a loved one or use in their home.

“Wrap, Care & Share is a wonderful opportunity to gift a vulnerable mother in need this Valentine’s Day as well as share the gift with someone special in your life. A large percentage of our mothers are housing insecure and live below the poverty line, so a majority of their resources go towards their housing and children. They don’t have the chance to buy themselves a Valentine’s Gift, so we wanted to give donors the honor of showing these women that someone cares for them,” said Andrea Estrada, Birthline’s Executive Director. “Birthline also wishes to express a huge ‘thank you’ to Sackcloth & Ashes for their compassionate heart and generous donation of many blankets to help our Birthline community during these rainy, cold months.”

Wrap, Care & Share is the kickoff event for a series of special offerings that Birthline will hold in 2024 as part of its 45th year of service to San Diego County’s families.

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