Untold History of Women’s Rights Activism Unfolded in Susan A. Savion’s Quoting Matilda

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Rightfully recognizing and celebrating a courageous woman’s invaluable and relentless efforts and voice for the rights of everyone, especially woman, Susan A. Savion has published Quoting Matilda: The Words and History of a Forgotten Suffragist with PageTurner Press and Media.

In a five-star Readers’ Favorite book review, Bryone Peters applauded Savion’s “time and dedication to bring the words and history of Matilda out of the shadows. She structured the book well with background information surrounding each quote, including photos.”

By penning this book, Savion “has effectively picked up the torch and is doing her bit to free women even more by imparting this knowledge,” Peters added.

Emily-Jane Hills Orford defined Quoting Matilda as “a revealing look at someone whose thoughts and beliefs were well ahead of her time in so many ways,” in another Readers’ Favorite book review.

A pioneering suffragist forgotten in time whose “words speak volumes about what can and should be done in the ongoing battle for equality,” as characterized by Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Matilda Joslyn Gage’s quotes on women’s rights, slavery, economics, religion, and her most cherished value—freedom—that ranged from ranged from intense, beautiful, pertinent, immensely articulate, and witty were incorporated in this masterful storytelling that brought her journey to life.

“Some people change the course of human history. Matilda Joslyn Gage was one such person,” Pikasho Deka affirmed in a five-star Readers’ Favorite book review.

This was supported by Bryone Peters: “Matilda was notorious for her ideas that were significantly radical at the time, but as a result, she helped the lives of women and many others.”

“During the Civil War, she sheltered slaves and continuously fought on behalf of Native American rights,” seconded by Pikasho Deka.

“Matilda’s impact on women’s rights has become increasingly relevant with the times,” Pikasho Deka concluded.

With fascinating photographs, Savion brilliantly ushers readers “through one woman’s life, her career, a dedication to a noble cause, all in relation to the history of the time and the others who fought the same battle,” as summarized by Emily-Jane Hills Orford.

Pikasho Deka heightens readers’ anticipation of the book content, “Each chapter starts with a quote by Matilda, which directly reflects her point of view on the relevant issues of her time. Some of these issues are being fought to this very day.”

This important, eye-opening work by Savion “brings to light a truly incredible woman who was a real force of nature for positive change,” according to K. C. Finn in a five-star book review in Readers’ Favorite.

As the nation commemorates the centennial of women’s suffrage, Quoting Matilda serves as a timely reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the importance of preserving the stories of those who paved the way.

It is a must-read for enthusiasts in the history of the women’s movement seeking more voices for positive and progressive change. Discovering the secret history behind one of the important figures of the women’s suffrage movement will be a fascinating read and amazing learning that will compel “readers to fight for social justice and speak against inequality,” as Edith Wairimu hopes in a Readers’ Favorite book review.

As described by K. C. Finn, Quoting Matilda: The Words and History of a Forgotten Suffragist is “a concise book that can be picked up at any time to gain a quick five minutes of wisdom and perspective; the ideas presented are well-chosen to give readers plenty of food for thought.”

He added, “Quoting Matilda would be a great addition to any household, especially for young people as a springboard to want to learn more.”

Head on now to www.pageturner.us for this biography’s hardback, paperback, and e-book copies.

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