Steve Harvill, Founder of Creative Ventures, Gives Top Recommendations for Building and Maintaining a Strong Workforce
Steve Harvill, Founder of Creative Ventures, Gives Top Recommendations for Building and Maintaining a Strong Workforce

Stephen Harvill

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2024 / — Steve Harvill, Founder of Creative Ventures, best-selling author, and speaker, advises that companies seeking to enhance their workforce and refine their business strategies should adopt a deliberate, unhurried approach. In the realm of business, haste can often be the very thing that hinders progress. To establish a leadership position in the fiercely competitive business landscape, companies must embrace the notion that cultivating a robust workforce and team necessitates time and effort, not a quick fix or simple solution. While it may seem slow, this method is a surefire way to ensure long-term success and stability.

“In today’s era of “instant real time,” strategy has become victim to faux urgency, forcing companies to believe speed is the key asset. In strategy involving workforce development, speed can be lethal,” explains Harvill.

Harvill emphasizes the importance of focusing on an employee’s performance, productivity, and contributions to the company. He asserts businesses that invest in their workforce will enhance workflow and be better equipped to confront modern organizations’ challenges. Forbes reports that strategic workforce planning is the top challenge for CEOs, with 41% indicating a need for improvement and 7% indicating a need for significant improvement.

“Companies that focus on their workforce are moving in the right direction. A client-centric strategy cannot succeed if the internal team’s strategy fails. Your internal needs should focus on your external impact,” states Harvill.

Harvill advocates for a strategic focus centered on three straightforward principles:

– Acknowledging the Gaps: Identifying weaknesses and opportunities.

– Assessing the Current Reality: Initiating planning based on the present situation, not the desired destination.

– Considering the Threes: Ensuring the alignment of the right person with the right skill sets at the right time.

“Building the right teams is “holy ground” for any organization, and keeping a strategic plan simple yet impactful will lead to a tactical advantage that creates separation and differentiation in an ever-increasing world of commoditization,” Harvill concludes.

Steve Harvill, President of Creative Ventures, brings over four decades of experience sharing innovative concepts and strategies with various companies. From Fortune 500 giants to burgeoning startups, Steve and his team at Creative Ventures have crafted transformative programs that transcend industry boundaries and challenge conventional thinking. With a background in science and a tenure as president of two successful companies, Steve leverages his leadership acumen and empirical insights to fortify his principles. Whether he’s delivering presentations, conducting workshops, or providing consultancy services, Steve’s expertise in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, and The Client Experience consistently offers actionable insights to propel businesses forward. His extensive client roster, including renowned names such as Apple, Zappos, IBM, Frito Lay, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, underscores his invaluable impact on each project he undertakes.

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