Stephanie Hines Coaching Launches Reignite Magazine, Inspires Entrepreneurs to Fulfillment

Reignite Magazine’s First Edition Cover

First Edition Creates New Space for Business Owners to Grow, Share and Reinvent Their Lives

Reignite Magazine is about inspiring each and every entrepreneur to chase her own dreams, to embrace her passions, and to never lose sight of the fire that burns within her soul.”

— Stephanie Hines

WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / — Today Stephanie Hines Coaching is once again breaking new ground energizing entrepreneurs with the launch of Reignite Magazine, a digital and print publication devoted to inspiring small business owners to create new fulfillment in their lives and businesses. Available in December, the magazine targets passionate entrepreneurs ready to scale their businesses to 7+ figures.

Stephanie Hines, business and marketing coach, created the magazine to share her story of reinvention – the result of personal and professional challenges – and to showcase the renewing journey of other entrepreneurs, many of Stephanie’s clients, who have transformed their lives and businesses alongside her.

Stephanie’s vision for Reignite Magazine is to create an interactive space for others to share their own challenges and successes.

“This endeavor is not solely about me,” said Hines. “It is about all of us. It is about inspiring each and every entrepreneur to chase her own dreams, to embrace her passions, and to never lose sight of the fire that burns within her soul.”

Reignite’s first edition shows readers what to expect starting in the first quarter of 2024. Like the woman who inspired it, the magazine will have an energetic and accessible style with stories and resources that inspire new business and marketing tools, resources and action.

Readers can expect:

– Real-life success stories from fellow entrepreneurs who have overcome obstacles, achieved their dreams and reignited their passion for business.

– Expert advice from industry experts who share their invaluable insights on various topics such as leadership, marketing, tax and exit strategies, mindset shifts, personal growth and more.

– Community connections with like-minded individuals who understand the entrepreneurial journey firsthand. Share experiences, seek advice or collaborate in an interactive online community.

– Exclusive resources designed to help you grow businesses effectively including downloadable guides and actionable worksheets.

Based on her belief that every entrepreneur holds the answers to their small business challenges, each edition will offer recommended reading, podcasts and tools to save time and bring small business owners closer to the personal and business lives of their dreams – an experience that is richly deserved by hard-working entrepreneurs.

“This Reignite Magazine is a testament to the power of dedication and the unwavering belief in reigniting one’s dreams,” Hines added. “It is a reminder that when we pour our hearts into something we truly love, the end result is nothing short of magical.”

Reignite Magazine provides tips to renew the three pillars of all businesses – people, products, and processes – as well as resources to support the “EntreMind” and spirit of business owners – a crucial element in maintaining health and energy while growing into a new phase of business.

“Stephanie’s journey is one of courage and vulnerability, and her willingness to share this with others has made a huge impact in my business and personal life,” said Jennifer Paire, content creator and Reignite contributor. “I needed a new song in my work, a new focus and understanding of the the opportunities available in the writing and content field. She helped me create a new vision and our work has blossomed since, evolving into a new magazine and the upcoming launch of her Reignite Coaching Programs.”

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Stephanie Hines has been an entrepreneur and business coach for three decades, and Stephanie Hines Coaching is known internationally for helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses to 7+ figure businesses. Headquartered in Woodstock, Ga., Hines offers business and marketing coaching services including one-on-one coaching, Reignite Coaching Programs for mastering the most challenging areas in business, and Mastermind experiences that help entrepreneurs build their businesses side-by-side with other professionals.

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