Singer/Actress Victoria Renee Reissues Her Resounding Uplifting Anthem “A Better Tomorrow”

Song Has Been Profoundly Featured on CNN Over The Last Two Years

LOS ANGELES, USA, April 30, 2024 / — Timing is everything when it comes to a career in the entertainment industry. However, for the right song, the definitive adjective is timeless. Such is the spirit lifting “A Better Tomorrow,” soaringly performed by singer/actress Victoria Renee.

“A Better Tomorrow” is a powerful piano ballad that has tapped into the hearts of conscious citizens for over two years, featured on the news network, CNN. As the people watch powerful, wealth-hoarding, war-mongering world leaders sending our precious planet into dangerously dark spaces, “A Better Tomorrow” – through melody and message – offers a spine-tingling cascade of comfort and hope.

“Let it go

We have to restore this planet’s soul

Teach it something more than what we know

Give it water, give it sun, room to grow

I can see a better tomorrow”

Victoria Renee not only sings “A Better Tomorrow,” she co-wrote it with composer Adam Kautz and co-lyricist Elle Vee. The origin of this amazing song is that a Canadian living in Asia wanted to create a Bali-based song for world peace. This gentleman was working with Victoria’s mother-in-law, Edie Hand (creator of the book/documentary “Women of True Grit”) who pulled Victoria in to co-write and record the song. Released nearly a decade ago, the optimistic event it was created for fell through the cracks and the song did nothing. Sitting in APM (the largest music library in America), “A Better Tomorrow” was cherry-picked for a campaign sponsored by time piece company, Rolex, that aired with great regularity on news network, CNN. Suddenly, Victoria’s little song was playing every hour on the hour from Zanzibar to Chile had lawyers clamoring to confirm who composed it and owned it. They could sense an international hit anthem about to explode!

“A Better Tomorrow” is now enjoying a passionately backed rerelease through The Sound of L.A. Records where Victoria Renee is preparing to release her breakout album in the Pop/Country realm, produced by veteran Michael B. Sutton.

Indianapolis-native Victoria (the wife of actor Linc Hand) has been hard at work as an actress in her own right on stage and in upcoming indie films. But it was music that changed her life as an introverted child, catapulting her into a triple threat singing, acting, and dancing child star. Now a seasoned world-traveled professional who is also a fitness enthusiast, Victoria Renee is setting her sights on making brighter tomorrows for herself with the forthcoming film, “L.A. Grit” (a noir action suspense thriller with comedic overtones underscored with incredible original music and songs), the musical “Shapin’ Up,” and her Pop/Country album.

Victoria Renee promises that her forthcoming music will be a guaranteed uplifter. With “A Better Tomorrow” as her opening indicator, prepare for a harmonic convergence of optimism and joy!

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