Shane Krauser Galvanizing Gilbert with a Riveting Message

Shane Krauser has experience as a trial attorney, police academy instructor, and collegiate faculty, and he is a current candidate for mayor of Gilbert, AZ.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2024 / — Shane Krauser, a candidate for Gilbert mayor, was a relative political unknown just a short time ago. Now, he is gaining massive popularity and mobilizing the people of Gilbert with a compelling message.

“When I entered this race, I joked that I would do everything the political operatives said I shouldn’t do,” said Shane Krauser. “And oddly enough, it has worked. The people are really tired of politics as usual. They want someone who will sit with them, listen to them, and fight with them. As the next mayor of Gilbert, Arizona, that is precisely what I will do.”

Shane Krauser, who announced his mayoral candidacy in January 2023, is heavily booked with engagements both inside and outside of the town, and the requests are coming in almost daily. He is meeting with individuals, families, business owners, and neighborhoods at a variety of gatherings.

“I made it clear when I decided to run that I want the people to know my governing philosophy and exactly what I stand for when they head to the ballot box,” noted Krauser.

Shane Krauser’s core message that he is taking to the people is the same message he’s been communicating for over two decades at various speaking engagements, debates, the college classroom, and even with his own children, and it consists of the following core philosophy:

1. Leave me alone;

2. Government must follow the rules;

3. The people are entitled to keep the fruits of their labor.

Matt Chavez, a retired firefighter and long-time resident of Gilbert, said, “When I first heard Shane speak about these core values, I thought, ‘Where has this guy been? The world needs this message.’ His ability to unite people is second to none.”

Shane Krauser, a father of six who married his wife, Janelle, in 1994, has roots in Gilbert dating back to 1984, and while it took him some time to commit to run for office, he couldn’t be happier.

“When I watch people get excited about our message and see – really see – how I want to work for, on behalf of, and with the people, I couldn’t be more confident that our best days are ahead,” said Krauser.

And he’s even inspired some former residents to possibly return.

Tracy DuCharme, a current resident of Chandler, Arizona, said, “I left Gilbert because I did not like the direction it was headed and the lack of leadership at town hall and beyond. If Shane were mayor, I could see myself very well returning. His leadership is that compelling.”

The Gilbert primary election is set for August 2024, and the general election is set for November 2024.

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