Psychedelic Rapper Manna Raps and Doctor of Sound MattScientist DO IT FOR SCIENCE
Psychedelic Rapper Manna Raps and Doctor of Sound MattScientist DO IT FOR SCIENCE

Manna Raps, psychedelic rapper/ artist and ‘Bass Rap” pioneer

Manna Raps, psychedelic rapper/ artist and 'Bass Rap" pioneer

Manna Raps, psychedelic rapper/ artist and ‘Bass Rap” pioneer

Manna Raps x MattScientist "DO IT FOR SCIENCE" - cover art

Manna Raps x MattScientist “DO IT FOR SCIENCE” – cover art

CA Psychedelic Rapper and Artist Manna Raps and the Doctor of Sound MattScientist Bring High Energy With Release “DO IT FOR SCIENCE”

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Manna Raps is a San Francisco based rapper, composer, and unique being who has been pioneering the up and coming “bass rap” genre both as a solo artist and as 1/2 of the duo HIPPY TRAP. MattScientist is a reclusive bass music producer based in the Santa Cruz mountains of California known for his unique and detailed sound. The pair have combined talents and forces for their debut on bass music heavyweight Muti Music; “DO IT FOR SCIENCE”. Manna Raps and MattScientist have given rise to a new form of science, a hippy, trippy, traptastic, crunchy, and quirky version of science for the ears. “DO IT FOR SCIENCE” is a mind-bending rap music video like no other and reminds the viewer that it’s all about having fun.

The intricate cadence of Manna Raps with his catchy and entertaining lyrics over hard-hitting bass-heavy beats by MattScientist are just what the (maniacal) doctor ordered. Matt’s beats ride a heavy bass and his detailed and unique sound design compliment Manna’s flow perfectly. The tune has a good amount of dip and bounce and is guaranteed to get the party started.

Picture this: Manna Raps and MattScientist are dressed up like mad scientists, unleashing their inner psychonauts as they conduct a series of mind-blowing experiments, all set to the backdrop of modern bass music. The video’s packed with three psychedelic animation sequences that will make the viewer’s face melt into a fleshy pleasure puddle. But it’s not just about the thrill of experimentation and indulgence; the artists have embedded a powerful message into their story. Amidst the trippy wonders, fans will witness a powerful scene where they commune with the divine while under the influence. The divine presence shares profound and transcendent wisdom (hint: it’s “do less drugs”), a moment which truly highlights the pair’s intellectual and spiritual depth.

When talking with Manna Raps about this creative endeavor, we asked about the inspiration behind this song and music video. “Matt and I met at Stilldream Festival last year in Wilseyville, CA and shortly after he sent me the beat for “Song 9”, now known as “DO IT FOR SCIENCE”. Originally, I just recorded a quick feature (the final verse) and he loved it. When I pulled in R3X Wonders, it was game over. A few weeks before the shoot, I decided to make it into a full fledged rap track and added in the first verse and the skit and re-recorded the whole thing.”

“The music video was actually Matt’s idea. We drew our inspiration from Dexter’s Lab, Breaking Bad, Beaker/Bunsen, and Dr. Frankenstein. Our characters are a classic “Red Clown/White Clown” duo (Manna is a clown school dropout) with Matt trying to maintain order in the lab while Manna sows chaos (and sneaks off to do his own “testing”). We came up with a number of different funny “experiments”, which R3X masterfully wove together in the video along with creating three full animation sequences to bring the audience through an entirely wild and off the rails psychedelic rigamorole, ultimately leading to the creation of our ultimate invention which, with one lick, catapults us into oneness with the universe.”

The artists advise while watching this captivating new fusion of music, visuals, and storytelling, to fasten seatbelts first and definitely don’t do drugs, but instead let “DO IT FOR SCIENCE” provide the ultimate trip. “DO IT FOR SCIENCE” is available on Manna Raps YouTube channel at: Viewing this incredible music video is available via: Whatz Going On /WGO – Apple TV, LIT TV / Premium Television Network ( ROKU, Android TV, Firestick, Samsung, LG, and Amazon tv), ‘My Music Video Channel’ Saorsa TV Network (Roku and Amazon Fire TV), OKTV – Germany – The Chubb Show – SC (Broadcast Television and the Chubb Show App), Witness The Realist Television WTR TV – OH, Groove Parlor TV – Chicago, IL, WNYMP inc / Up Front TV / The Connection – NY, WCCA TV / Video Jam, MA – Public Access – Public Broadcast Television and on Roku.

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Manna Raps x MattScientist – DO IT FOR SCIENCE (Official Music Video)

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