Norbert E. Reich’s “By Papal Decree: The Middle East Solution” will be featured in the London Book Fair 2024
Norbert E. Reich’s “By Papal Decree: The Middle East Solution” will be featured in the London Book Fair 2024

Norbert Reich

Vatican Hires Hitman for Syrian Operation in Action Thriller Novel

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2024 / — A professional killer receives a second chance by none other than the Pope himself along with the most unlikely of contracts: to help the Holy See bring peace to the wartorn Middle East. Norbert E. Reich‘s “By Papal Decree: The Middle East Solution” follows the hitman turned bodyguard on his mission to protect the Pope who is embarking to stabilize the region.

When a medical mission to Syria goes awry and ends up with an American doctor being decapitated for all to see in video, the President of the United States has decided that enough is enough. At the same time, the Pope has resolved to bring lasting peace to the region, but to do so he must tour the area and expose himself to considerable risk.

Enter Adam Bergman, a professional assassin who has survived a nearly-fatal encounter, finding himself in the Bahamas with no recollection of who almost ended him or how he arrived at the tropical paradise. He returns to his childhood church in Germany and reconnects with his former pastor but the man of cloth only causes Adam to be ensnared in a tapestry of intrigue and danger as he learns of the Pope’s mission and how the Holy Father cannot achieve it without his help.

From killer to protector, Adam must safeguard the Pope from those who want to stop him from succeeding. After unexpected twists, Adam is left reeling as the world stands on the bring of falling to chaos.

Reich’s “By Papal Decree: The Middle East Solution” is an action thriller that blends geopolitical with religious themes, a page turner that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

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