Nathaniel Hallford and Offer A Job-Finding Solution for Tech Professionals Launches to Empower Professionals with Virtual Assistants and Elite Coaching Amidst Industry Challenges Launches to Empower Professionals with Virtual Assistants and Elite Coaching Amidst Industry Challenges Launches to Empower Professionals with Virtual Assistants and Elite Coaching Amidst Industry Challenges Launches to Empower Professionals with Virtual Assistants and Elite Coaching Amidst Industry Challenges

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, February 6, 2024 / — 2023 was a nightmare for tech workers. Layoffs and hiring slowdowns were constantly in the news. Nathaniel Hallford, a tech entrepreneur, wants 2024 to be infinitely better for beleaguered tech workers. He is launching, an innovative platform offering tech professionals a full-service solution for landing their next gig.

Due to layoffs and slowdowns, competition for existing jobs has multiplied. Hallford provides tech personnel with distinct advantages in their job search.

First, provides each job seeker with a Virtual Assistant (VA). The VA is working behind the scenes, searching for job opportunities, applying, communicating with headhunters and HR staff, and setting up interviews. The VA works autonomously to secure interviews so that applicants can focus on preparing for the interview.

Preparing for the interview is where the second part of Headhuntable’s brilliant strategy comes into play. Mentors and coaches work with the applicant to ensure that their skills are on par and that they are ready for the questions and tests in the interview process.

Hallford explains, “The highly trained VAs are your personal ‘Jerry Maguire’. Your time is freed up to gain new skills or prepare for the interview process.”

The two-prong approach provides service from relentless job-searching VAs and FAANG-caliber coaching and mentoring from instructors with experience at leading tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Meta. Applicants get dedicated attention from professionals who share industry expertise and insider knowledge.

“We guide the job seekers through every step of the process from finding to opportunity to acing the interview,” says Hallford. “Candidates benefit from the inside scoop on the company preferences, interview questions, and tests that might be required during the interview process.”

Headhuntable makes applicants stand out to prospective employers, as well. They offer bespoke guidance to make a CV memorable, especially in a crowded applicant field.

Hallford also emphasizes a hidden benefit to Headhuntable’s service. Job applicants often feel isolated or depressed when they are spending all of their time applying for jobs. According to Hallford, Headhuntable both frees up a job hunter’s time and provides them with their own cheering section.

Hallford first conceived of the Headhuntable concept 10 years ago when he was unexpectedly laid off from a job in the tech sector.

“I have used these techniques for more than 10 years. I realized it was time for me to share these services with others,” Hallford states.

Hallford believes Headhuntable can provide job security as well. Even after applicants land a job, they can continue the service. Working autonomously, their VA can keep them in front of headhunters and HR departments. They will also learn about high-demand skills and trends in the workforce.

“Essentially, they can keep one foot in the job market. If the worst happens, they are miles in front of the competition and ready to hit the ground running,” Hallford enthuses. will debut new technology in the Spring of 2024. Opportunity Brain is an AI-powered assistant designed to work alongside the Virtual Assistant multiplying job search firepower and significantly reducing unemployment time.

Opportunity Brain will also offer customized job matching using the DSM-V. The in-depth personality analysis will match job seekers to companies with cultures that will work best for them. Utilizing this technology will be an invaluable bonus for both employees and employers alike. is a revolutionary platform empowering tech professionals to land their dream jobs. Through a personalized approach, expert guidance, and future-proof career development, they equip individuals with the tools and support needed to achieve their professional aspirations.

Ready to take control of your career? Visit or Headhuntable on FACEBOOK today and learn how can be your one-stop shop for job security and financial peace of mind in the ever-changing tech landscape.

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