I earned my MRP Certification because I want to help other Veterans and Active-Duty members with their VA claims and utilizing their VA loan.”

— Jimmy Awalt

MARYSVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — Jimmy Awalt is a skilled, competent, charming, and professional real estate agent at Mallow Real Estate Services in Marysville, California. He is also an accomplished Air Force Veteran who has traveled the world.

Jimmy was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and graduated from Alvirne High School in New Hampshire. He went to Boot Camp at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas and then transferred to Tech School at Shepperd Air Force Base where he was an Aircrew Flight Equipment apprentice, which encompasses functions that enhance aircrew safety through the proper equipment integration. The AFE personnel issue, fit, repair, and maintain flight equipment such as parachutes, helmets, oxygen equipment, anti-gravity garments, anti-exposure suits, aircrew ocular devices, survival kits, life preservers, rafts, electronic communications, helmet-mounted weapons integration devices, and aircrew Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) equipment. Jimmy says, “We had to be absolute perfectionists. One mistake could be life or death.”

Jimmy then transferred to Laughlin Air Force Base on his first assignment as an Air Crew Flight Equipment Technician. “I was also on the Base Honor Guard Team. I made a lot of great lifelong friends there.” He says, “We performed at the funerals, participated in the flag folding, coordinated retirement ceremonies, change of command events, posted the colors. I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity. I look back fondly on my days with Laughlin AFB’s BHG Team.”

Jimmy’s first deployment was to Kuwait, Force Protection. Monitoring OCN (Other Country Nationals) independent contractors. “It was a unique experience on its own.” He says, “We were watching for any behaviors that could identify unknown enemies and of course weapons and contraband but I also realized that it was a unique country. It was not a “free” country, but I was in awe of camels being everywhere! It was awesome, but it was the desert, so we lived and worked in temperatures that surpassed 137 degrees.”

Jimmy returned to the U.S. where he was assigned to Beale Air Force Base in California. He worked in aerospace technology, which included flight simulation, and he maintained the equipment for the U-2’s in the 9th Physiological Support Squadron (9 PSPTS) which provides specialized support and training for U-2 aviators in support of worldwide intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) combat missions. He says, “Every pilot has two suits which cost $250,000 each. They live in these suits when they’re flying, and they eat through them through a tube and straw. My crew inspected, tested, and repaired their space suits, put their helmets, G-Suits, and oxygen equipment on, making sure they were 100% protected before they took flight.”

Jimmy then deployed to Al Dhafra Air Base, a military installation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where he observed spy planes while maintaining mission support for the pilots. He then went to Afghanistan where he oversaw the survival kits and the pilot’s thermos. “We launched a U2 out of Afghanistan while playing Rocket Man by Elton John.”

Jimmy reported to Thailand for a Temporary Duty Assignment which he loved. “Whether it was Thailand, Afghanistan, or wherever the mission took us, I was fortunate to be a part of it. Thailand was very pretty with nice beaches and super clear water in some areas. It was a hit or miss. They have ferries to the islands where the water was like I’ve never seen before. I really enjoyed my time there.” His last deployment was on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. “I biked around the base and learned the history of Cyprus, a country in distress. It was taken over by the Turks and was contained. It was devastating and it reminded me how lucky we have it here in the great USA and how fortunate we are to be Americans. There are some amazing and not so amazing places in this world but there is no place like HOME!”

Jimmy returned to the U.S. and separated from the military at Beale Air Force Base after 6 years of honorable service. He says, “When I left the military, and became a civilian again, I felt that I had an ‘identity crisis’ because I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do outside of the Air Force. I bought a house with the VA loan and my real estate agent, Sondra Mallow, was phenomenal. She was very supportive, and so very knowledgeable. She was in the process of getting her broker’s license and inspired me to be a Realtor, and I decided to hang my license with Sondra, who has been an excellent mentor. I earned my MRP Certification because I want to help other Veterans and Active-Duty members with their VA claims and utilizing their VA loan. I encourage other Realtors to be certified MRP’s so that our military community has more Realtors that know just a little bit more about the military life to best represent service members and Veterans. Informing other Veterans of benefits available to them, and as a Veteran, I understand the entire process. I support the Interest Rate Reduction Finance Loan program which can be used to refinance an existing VA loan to lower the interest rate and I’m truly looking forward to working with Veterans who are moving to my area.”

Jimmy serves the areas of Marysville, Yuba City, Linda, Olivehurst, Lincoln, Oroville, Grass Valley, Rocklin, Auburn, Roseville, Sacramento California, Lake Tahoe, and many others.

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