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A poll of 1327 people found that 59% reported moderate to severe anxiety – much higher than previously thought.
This article explores the implications of this.

59% of people suffer from anxiety. Since anxiety originates in our thinking, with a deeper understanding of our mind anxiety can be prevented, and more easily overcome.”

— Dr Manoj Krishna

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a world that’s constantly changing and presenting new challenges, it’s no surprise that anxiety is on the rise. HappierMe, a platform dedicated to promoting emotional intelligence and wellbeing, recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn to gauge the levels of anxiety felt by people. Of the 1327 people who responded, a staggering 59% of respondents experience moderate to severe anxiety. This is much higher than previously thought.

The poll categorised people into four groups: Extremely anxious (22%), Moderately anxious (37%), Mildly anxious (26%), and Not at all anxious (15%). These figures paint a picture of a society where the majority grapple with anxiety at varying degrees of intensity.

These results are a wake up call for governments, individuals and society as a whole. Long-term anxiety impacts physical and mental health. Relationships suffer because people are so focused on dealing with their own anxiety that they have little space to think about others. These feelings of anxiety are automatically triggered by thoughts about the future. Users describe anxiety as ‘living in a fog, with no hope of sunshine’. Anxiety can prompt people to make decisions that do not serve them.

‘Try not to be anxious’ is probably the worst thing one can tell an anxious person. They are already overwhelmed by the feeling of anxiety and frustrated that they cannot get it under control. They cannot easily share their feelings with their loved ones because of a fear of being judged. Asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness so it is not easy to even admit that there is a problem.

For those suffering from anxiety, there are several options available including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, breathing exercises and medication.

The HappierMe app helps users feel better now and then gives them a toolkit to understand their own mind and deal with the root cause of anxiety.

The HappierMe Mission is to reduce suffering, help people lead happier lives and make the world a better place.

Explore the Mental Health Section of the HappierMe app.
The app is free to download and there is a free trial.

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