AI Charity Assistant to help empower thousands of global nonprofits and maximise impact

Create social media and optimised blog and email content in seconds. The best fundraising and marketing tool for charities and nonprofits

Simple to use AI Content Assistant for Non-profits by Little Phil. Generate SEO optimised content and empowering nonprofit teams for success.

The Little Phil team at Cohort Innovation Space. Nonprofit and Emerging Technology Specialists and GC Young Entrepreneurs of the Year, powering charities with affordable access to the latest technology to increase impact

Little Phil(anthropist) Team – GC Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2022

Social Enterprise Little Phil is bringing the power of AI to nonprofits, big and small. It’s all part of their mission to maximise impact for global Nonprofits

We believe that by providing affordable and simple to use access to the latest technologies, we can reduce overheads and maximise impact for the millions of nonprofits around the globe”

— Josh Murchie

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, April 18, 2023/ — Little Phil, the charity fundraising platform backed by the QLD Government’s Ignite Ideas Fund, has announced the beta release of its AI-powered charity assistant, which helps charities and causes access the latest emerging technology to save time creating blogs, emails, and social media posts. The product uses custom data and a proprietary engine with the latest Artifical Intelligence models to make it easier for charities to create fundraising campaigns and optimised posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and emails, and SEO optimised blog articles.

Little Phil’s AI-powered assistant leverages cutting-edge machine learning technology to quickly generate optimised social media campaigns with a few simple clicks. The system intelligently understands the organisation and campaign it is working on and creates content that is tailored to the audience and optimised for maximum impact.

The newly appointed Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) Commissioner (Sue Woodward AM) has shown a keen interest in using tech for good, recently providing guidance on cryptocurrency donations and embracing conversations with impact-focused technologists and innovators.

“We are proud to offer this innovative solution to charities and causes, especially during a time when resources are scarce,” said Josh Murchie, CEO of Little Phil. “Our AI-powered assistant is designed to save our charity partners time and money while delivering well-written content that resonates with their audiences, and continues to learn and optimise with improved features over time.” Charity Managers and their Fundraising and Marketing teams will be able to focus on more strategic initiatives and maximise the impact their organisation has on the cause.

The motivation to develop the AI Content Assistant was influenced by conversations with many small to medium sized Nonprofit managers, who stressed that budget restraints meant they would spend 5 – 10 hours a week writing social media posts and emails to their supporters, whilst losing time to deliver their programs to beneficiaries.

“We believe that by providing affordable and simple to use access to the latest technologies, we can reduce overheads and maximise impact for the millions of nonprofits around the Globe” Josh said.

Little Phil has a proven track record of innovation, having been named Gold Coast Young Entrepreneurs of the Year for their sector in 2022. The company was also selected to be featured at WebSummit, the world’s largest tech conference, where it represented Australian technology startups.

Charities and causes interested in optimising their fundraising and social media, and marketing campaigns can sign up for the Little Phil platform and try the AI-powered assistant for themselves. This cutting-edge technology will enable them to focus on achieving their fundraising goals and fulfill their organisations charitable mission.

For more information, please review the product Beta demonstration video here or visit Little Phil’s website at

About Little Phil:

The micro philanthropy platform, aptly named Little Phil was founded out of Griffith University in October 2017 and believes that we can combine passionate people with scalable emerging technology to make the world a better place.

It all started with a mission to develop a smartphone optimised giving platform designed for the next generation of givers. Little Phil has now evolved into creating a total giving ecosystem that connects donors, businesses, and brands more directly with charities and beneficiaries. This provides donors with increased transparency around where their donations go and charities the ability to reduce overheads, showcase the difference every dollar makes in real-time, and access new and alternative fundraising streams to increase sustainability.

Little Phil has won industry awards for innovation, works closely with top professors from Australian Universities, represented Australian Fintech and Social Enterprise Startups at the largest technology conferences worldwide, and is proudly supported by the Queensland government’s Ignite Ideas Fund.

Learn more at:

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Social Impact Group Pty Ltd
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Beta Demonstration of the Little Phil Nonprofit Content Assistant powered by AI. Empowering charities with the latest tech and maximising impact

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