Finding His Own Unique Perspective in Hip Hop and Rap- MUDHIR Stuns All with Vibrant New Music


Reflecting on his inspiring journey from South Africa to California, MUDHIR is forging his own unique presence in music

PITTSBURGH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2023 / — A seasoned producer and lyricist, MUDHIR is all set to mesmerize audiences with his exhilarating creations in the world of Rap and Hip Hop. With his new project alongside an Indonesian singer, MUDHIR is making sure fans have something brilliant to revel in, come November.

Falling in love with Hip Hop at the age of 18, MUDHIR, also known as alleged blacc27, is more than a rapper; he is a storyteller. The artist’s journey into the world of music started with friendly rap battles among a group of friends in South Africa. It was here that MUDHIR’s love for hip-hop was ignited, and his passion for the genre began to take shape.

Fast forward to his move to San Francisco, a city known for its rich musical tapestry, the artist formed a promising duo alongside his producer and assumed the name ‘MUDHIR’ for their collaboration. The name, inspired by a South African slang word meaning “bad ass” or “top dog,” captured the essence of his ambition. However, as life took its course, his producer moved out of state, leaving MUDHIR to carry the torch forward on his own.

Rather than seeing this as a setback, MUDHIR seized the opportunity to broaden his skill set. He took on the challenge of learning music production himself. This newfound independence allowed him to create music on his terms, without the constraints of waiting for others.

A versatile artist, MUDHIR’s song writing is deeply rooted in his own life experiences, delivering an authentic and ingenious take with his compositions. Offering a raw and emotive appeal, MUDHIR’s journey has taken him through a variety of experiences.

With tracks such as “Fok Tomorrow”– which has amassed over 14,000 streams on Spotify alone to his hit release, “Soy un Maton”- which has been streamed over 110K+ times, MUDHIR has established himself as an eclectic singer-songwriter.

Not just a rapper but a professional lyricist and storyteller who draws inspiration from others, MUDHIR calls himself a “professional sh*t talker,” an artist who’s unafraid to speak his truth.

As he looks to the future, MUDHIR is driven his goal of making a living off his music- a journey that he knows won’t be free of obstacles, but it is definitely one he’s committed to pursuing. With every lyric, every beat, and every story he shares, MUDHIR takes another step closer to that dream.

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MUDHIR, known as alleged blacc27, is a hip-hop and rap artist based in San Francisco, California. However, his musical journey began on the streets of Durban, South Africa, where he fell in love with hip-hop at the age of 16.

In 2022, MUDHIR decided to take his music career more seriously. He learned music production, giving him greater independence and creative control over his work. The artist’s music is deeply authentic, drawing from his life experiences and providing listeners with a raw and genuine narrative.

MUDHIR’s lyrics are a reflection of his journey from his 3rd world upbringing to his 1st world daily life. He takes inspiration from other talented artists, believing that “steel sharpens steel.”








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