Ethernity Cloud Announces Groundbreaking ECLD Token Launch Amidst Enthusiastic Community Backing

ECLD Token Launch: A New Era in Confidential Computing

We’re thrilled with the listing of the ECLD token. The Polygon integration is the first of many strides toward interoperability with EVM networks, promising a more connected and efficient future.”

— Iosif Peterfi, CEO of Ethernity Cloud Ltd

ST. JULIAN, MALTA, December 6, 2023 / — In a significant leap forward for decentralized confidential computing, Ethernity Cloud Ltd. proudly announces the successful listing of the ECLD token. The ECLD token, a crucial component in Ethernity Cloud’s expanding ecosystem, acts as the swap-to version of the native ETNY token and bridges the ecosystem to the Polygon network. This event marks a pivotal chapter in Ethernity Cloud’s journey to revolutionize confidential computing.

The path to this milestone has been one of unwavering commitment from the Ethernity Cloud team and robust community support. Following a successful $4.5M USD virtual token sale in 2021, the project accelerated its development, culminating in the launch of its protocol on both Polygon (for ECLD) and Bloxberg (for ETNY). This dual-platform presence allows Ethernity Cloud to deliver its cutting-edge decentralized confidential computing solutions on a global scale.

The ECLD token’s introduction unlocks access to a vast user base, tapping into a network of over 5 million registered users and a daily trading volume exceeding $2 billion. In a market increasingly recognizing the value of Confidential Computing and AI, as evidenced by industry giants like Nvidia and Microsoft, Ethernity Cloud is strategically positioned backed by web3 advantages in scalability and cost-effectiveness. The project stands on a robust foundation with a fully operational product, available to everyone via the public sandbox through their developer’s playground.

With ECLD’s activation, developers are now empowered to innovate atop Ethernity Cloud on Polygon, joining over 1000 operational nodes. The platform’s Confidential Computing DePin initiative furthers this momentum with its Grants Program, incentivizing developers who contribute to and build upon this growing ecosystem.

Ethernity Cloud extends its gratitude to foundational collaborators such as Gosh (Git Open Source Hodler), MPDL (Max Planck Digital Library), Intel, the Confidential Computing Consortium, and Provention, as well as its investors and the vibrant community of over 60,000 members. Their collective support has been instrumental in reaching this monumental achievement.

Iosif Peterfi
Ethernity CLOUD Ltd
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