Esther Ludlow, Host of “Once Upon a Crime” Podcast, Explores Cutting-Edge Crime Solving Technology During Othram Tour

Esther Ludlow

Photo taken during Othram tour. Photo provided by Esther Ludlow.

Photo of Othram tour. Photo provided by Esther Ludlow.

Photo of Othram facility. Photo provided by Esther Ludlow.

Esther Ludlow was among an exclusive group of people who visited the classified Othram facility, which is dedicated to solving cold-case crimes.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — Esther Ludlow, host of the popular true-crime podcast “Once Upon a Crime,” recently embarked on an exclusive tour alongside other esteemed true-crime content creators, courtesy of CrimeCon and Othram. The tour occurred on Friday, March 8th, at Othram’s state-of-the-art headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas.

During this exceptional experience, Ludlow and her peers were granted access to Othram’s cutting-edge forensic lab, where they delved into the intricacies of forensic DNA testing and genetic genealogy. Led by Othram’s expert scientists, the attendees gained invaluable insights into the innovative technologies revolutionizing crime solving.

“I felt honored to be included in such an exclusive sneak peek into the cutting-edge science employed in DNA testing and genetic genealogy in crime solving. The standards and practices used by Othram scientists go above and beyond what has been possible before to solve human remains cases that have been unsolved for decades. It’s very exciting to see how the families and loved ones of the missing and murdered are finally getting answers and, in some cases, justice,” states Ludlow.

Project: Cold Case says between 1965 and 2022, an estimated 340,000 cases of homicide and non-negligent manslaughter remained unresolved, as per an analysis of FBI Uniform Crime Report data conducted by The Murder Accountability Project. Othram’s groundbreaking advancements in forensic science have played a pivotal role in helping resolve some cold cases that have remained unsolved for decades. Through firsthand accounts shared by investigators, Ludlow and her fellow attendees witnessed the profound impact of Othram’s technology on bringing closure to families and delivering long-awaited justice.

“I look forward to highlighting some of these cases on Once Upon a Crime. I know my listeners will be as interested in learning about how the advances in processing forensic evidence are being used by law enforcement to close previously unsolvable cases,” says Ludlow.

Ludlow encourages the public to support Othram’s mission by visiting, where individuals can contribute DNA or provide case funding. She emphasized, “The public’s support helps solve crimes, identifies John and Jane Does, and brings closure to families.”

Esther Ludlow’s participation in the Othram tour emphasizes her dedication to shedding light on the transformative impact of forensic science in the realm of true-crime. Through her podcast and advocacy efforts, Ludlow continues to amplify the voices of victims and advocate for justice.

About Esther Ludlow:

Esther Ludlow hosts “Once Upon a Crime,” a true-crime podcast that explores captivating and often lesser-known cases. With a background in psychology and a passion for storytelling, Ludlow delves deep into each case to provide listeners with comprehensive insights into the human experience behind the headlines.

For more information about Esther Ludlow, please visit her website by clicking here:

About Othram:

Othram blends science, software, and processes to bolster justice infrastructure. Their technology aids law enforcement at all levels to crack previously unsolvable DNA cases. By handling all casework in-house, Othram ensures efficient testing processes. Committed to constant improvement, they refine their technology and procedures through ongoing learning from each case.

About CrimeCon:

True-crime extends beyond murder recreations and courtroom dramas, encompassing stories of triumph, tragedy, and the human condition. CrimeCon is the epicenter for the latest cases, scientific breakthroughs, and top-notch entertainment. Its events seamlessly blend education with engagement, always prioritizing respect for victims. The organizers aspire to expand CrimeCon, bringing this dynamic genre to more cities worldwide.

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