Dr. James E. Bruce, Sr. Releases Empowering New Book: “Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out”

Dr. James E. Bruce, Sr. presents “Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out,” a guide for restoring self-esteem after setbacks.

UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out” provides readers with a comprehensive how-to guide, addressing the crucial aspects of self-esteem – the who, what, when, where, why, and how it is central to one’s being. Using the metaphor of rebuilding a falling-down house, the book vividly demonstrates the human experience of going from embarrassment or loneliness to vitality. Dr. Bruce leads readers on a journey from uncertainty to empowerment and vulnerability to success, offering practical strategies for positive life changes.

The book introduces assessment protocols that simplify the identification of causes behind low self-esteem. Readers will find the process of rebuilding and restoring self-esteem surprisingly straightforward, transitioning it from a state of decline to one of success.

Dr. James E. Bruce, Sr., a positive-spirited motivational and inspirational agent, presents this insightful work that has been in the making since 2011. As an experienced speaker and educator, Dr. Bruce brings a unique perspective to the metaphor-guided steps outlined in the book. With a Ph.D. in Organizational Management, Development, and Behavior, he views people as organizations that require proper management, development, and behavior – a perspective aptly applied to the subject of self-esteem.

This book is the 54th in his impressive collection of 56 published books, all intentionally written to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate individuals seeking avenues for personal growth and life improvement.

Total 56 books covering topics of personal development and inspiration.

“Life is like climbing a mountain.”

“Inspire me, speak to my spirit.”

“Spiritual inspiration to inspire my spirit.”

“I am somebody” (poetry).

“The word for today is _________.”

12-books, Children Book Series: “Character is what we build.”

“The Belief System in a Nut.”

“Thinking aloud was allowed in 1995, and Thinking aloud is still allowed in 2022” (Poetry).

“Silly Parents, Silly Children, Stop Being Silly.”

“Kaiden’s seven days of good deeds.”

“So, You Want to Write a Book, Find Out How.” (Book-writing guide).

“This is my story; those were my tears.”

For more information about Dr. James E. Bruce, Sr. and his empowering collection of books, visit https://jamesbrucebooks.com/.

As a passionate writer, educator, philosopher, and inspirational speaker, Dr. Bruce recognizes the incredible power of written and spoken words. All his books, including “Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out,” carry an empowerment value. He aims to inspire the masses to comprehend and experience the dynamic power of words – whether written or spoken.

“Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out” delivers a powerful message to readers: they possess an untapped source of potential and inner strength to overcome any challenge. The book provides practical methods and strategies to access the tools needed to rebuild their temple with self-esteem from the inside out.

“Rebuilding Your Temple with Self-esteem from the Inside Out” is now available, offering readers a transformative journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

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Dr. James E. Bruce on The Spotlight Network TV with Logan Crawford

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