Domestic Violence Survivor’s Book to be Featured at London Book Fair: A Captivating  Memoir of Survival and Resilience

“Americans who were supposed to love America, not hurt her; help America, not terrorize her.”

— America

OLYMPIA, LONDON, April 7, 2023/ — America’s My American Terrorists is a captivating book chronicling the fascinating events of one woman’s life that will captivate readers to find love, happiness, and peace. The book will be part of Bookmarc Alliance’s exhibit for the London Book Fair scheduled on April 18-20 at Olympia London.

Although the term terrorist typically evokes images of international violence, in America’s powerful and allegorical memoir, My American Terrorists, the term takes on a new meaning: that of abusers within a domestic setting. Through her experiences of betrayal, deceit, and twisted abuse, America shares a story that will inspire and captivate readers. But this is more than just a personal tale – it’s a call to action, a tribute to those who have lost their homes, and a message to those fighting for justice and a better future. As readers turn the pages of My American Terrorists, they will find themselves drawn into a world of love, happiness, and peace that America believes is possible for all of us.

The author chooses America as a pseudonym to protect her identity as she shares her powerful story. With a passion for justice and a deep desire to help others, America’s writing is both compelling and inspiring.

Grab your copy of this inspiring book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.

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