Courtenay Hachey’s “Chowders and Shake-Ups for the Week” Making Strides in Culinary Circle

Chowders and Shake-Ups for the Week

Courtenay Hachey

Courtenay Hachey

Courtney transforms leftovers into delicious meals. Her journey from a Pierogi business family to a YouTube host and author reflects her culinary passion.

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 / — Courtenay Hachey, host of the YouTube channel “Court of Kitchen” and the author of now a hit “Chowders and Shake-Ups For the Week,” is the talk of the town as her book is helping people clean up their leftovers, or more specifically, reuse their leftovers to create scrumptious Shake-Ups.
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, her parents raised her and her brothers through their Pierogi business, which is where her love for food stems from. Her enthusiasm towards anything related to the culinary industry was so great that straight out of college, she began her career at a restaurant marketing firm. Gradually, that enthusiasm turned into love. As proclaimed by Courtenay,

I am a shameless lover of anything food. I not only find excitement when experiencing various cuisines, but I also have a passion for creating and writing recipes and what I call “cooking concepts.”

After a successful career in the finance industry of New York, she felt a change happening in her life, and her inclination towards food grew stronger. So she turned back to her roots, something she was comfortable with. Her sole focus thereafter became food. But not just any food; Courtenay has a love of Chowders. It’s a passion for her to try various types of chowders, as she often finds herself trying a new recipe every Sunday. That’s where a “cooking concept” arrived in her brain, and she founded the golden principle of “From Bowl to Plate,” thus, the Shake-Ups were born!

Her idea was that instead of wasting hours upon hours slaving away in the kitchen and struggling to make something new every day, it was ideal to simply invest a few hours into cooking a single dish of chowder that would lead to a week’s worth of meals.

That was when she worked on a ton of recipes and created the novel “Shake-Ups,” which is basically a spin on the existing dish. Seeing the popularity of the concept and her book, Courtenay decided to host a YouTube channel by the name of “Court of Kitchen,” which is also becoming increasingly popular among her fans and avid food lovers around the globe.

With Chowders and Shake-Ups For The Week in your kitchen, you won’t have to worry about what to have for dinner. The base is a chowder of your choice, which you may have cooked a day before. But with all the leftover chowder, people often wonder what they would do with it. With Courtenay’s help, you can transform it into a completely unrecognizable dish that is served on a plate. Why go for a takeout when the chowder in your fridge is a gateway to a ton of new, exciting, and scrumptious dishes?

The book can be found on Amazon and is available in digital, printed, as well as audio-book formats. You can also visit her author’s website or connect with her on social media. She is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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