Celebrity Psychic Medium Trains Australia’s Newest Talent

Cael O Donnell Celebrity Psychic

Cael O’ Donnell - Teaching Future Psychics

Cael O’ Donnell – Teaching Future Psychics

Cael O’ Donnell stylized

Cael O’ Donnell – like no other Psychic before him

TikTok Star Creates New Celebrity Psychics at Upcoming Psychic Workshop

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, April 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — • Australia’s Top Medium, and Medium to Abbie Chatfield, Erica Lugo and Bettina Banks, will create Australia’s newest celebrity psychics at the first ever workshop for Psychic Mediums
• Psychic attendees will dance and clap to Sia

Psychic mediumship is no longer a dying art in Australia, thanks to Australia’s most popular TikTok medium, Cael O’ Donnell.

“There aren’t really any in-person opportunities for those who want to learn more about their gift, so that they may make it a career and feel satisfaction in helping others, the way I do,” Cael said.

Cael will be working with every day Aussies with a gift, so they too can go on to become celebrity psychics if they wish, or even pet psychics or medical psychics, to help them direct their “magnetic energy and ethereal prowess.”

Some techniques Cael will be using in his exclusive April workshop are dancing and clapping to Sia, in order to raise their own energy before giving a reading.

“Your frequency, or vibe, must be high in order to reach ‘beings’ and entities. Psychics might also take a shot of coffee to elevate their senses and cause rapid fire information flowing out.”

Cael said psychic mediumship had been a ‘dying profession’ for quite a while before he quit his full-time job as a mental health nurse in a hospital.

“My TikTok recently reached over a million followers, which tells me that millennials are interested to learn more about this craft in some way – some may decide to work on their own gift as I did.”

Cael, who is known fondly as Australia’s only indigenous Queer Medium and is psychic medium to celebrities like Abbie Chatfield, is so popular he now has a waiting list of around two years for one-on-one appointments.

“I feel disappointed that I can’t organise an appointment with everyone as quickly as I would love to. At the same time, I realise that spirituality is a craft very much in demand. We need more Psychic Mediums for all these people looking for answers,” he said.

Cael is passionate about sharing the craft of psychic mediumship with as many people as he can, and therefore has created a program to coach others with a gift.

“I have seen various mediums promoting their services individually, but no one who is embracing people who want to learn more about themselves as a medium. Clearly there is enough work for all of us. The best thing as a psychic is to find your own style and voice and not need to be like others.”

“There are many paths to being a psychic and each one has their own style. We all offer something so special and unique, and I want to encourage those among us who have been selected by Spirit to help others looking for encouragement,” Cael said.

Removed from his birth family and his Indigenous heritage at the age of 2, Cael takes an Indigenous approach to his craft.

“Indigenous spirituality in Australia places a strong emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things, including the spirit world and the natural environment. This understanding can bring a deeper sense of connection to the spirit realm and a heightened ability to interpret messages from beyond,” Cael said.

“Additionally, the indigenous spiritual practices of Australia, such as storytelling, Dreamtime, and ancestral worship, can inform my approach, giving me a distinct and culturally rich perspective on connecting with the spirit world.”

Cael said he expects every person who attends his upcoming workshop in Melbourne on 22 April to each approach Spirit with an entirely unique approach (and different language) and he is excited to discover that.

More Information

Cael O’Donnell is Australia’s top Psychic Medium and author of “Three Minutes with Spirit” published by Penguin Random House AU, who rose to fame on TikTok after unlocking his gift of mediumship. He offers hope and encouragement to people around the world through his live readings, videos, and social media presence, now hosting a long waitlist for his services.

Details of the workshop:

Date: Saturday April 22

Time: 8:30am – 3pm

Where: The View Melbourne, St Kilda.

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