Bridging the Skills Gap: Subbi’s Comprehensive Service Tailored for Creatives Who Aspire to be Entrepreneurs
Bridging the Skills Gap: Subbi’s Comprehensive Service Tailored for Creatives Who Aspire to be Entrepreneurs

Subbi is an innovative Creator Operator agency.

Brand new agency aims to empower digital creators in profiting from their passion with new ‘Creator Operator’ model.

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM, December 15, 2023 / — In a significant move to support the burgeoning creator economy, Subbi announces its comprehensive service designed to transform content creators into successful digital entrepreneurs. This initiative comes at a crucial time when many creatives excel in content creation and audience engagement but grapple with the business operations needed to monetise their influence profitably.

“Creative talent is abundant in the digital space, yet there’s a notable gap when it comes to business acumen among content creators,” explained Jack Purdie, Founder of Subbi. “Our agency is here to fill that gap, offering a bridge between creative passion and entrepreneurial success.”

Subbi’s ‘creator operator‘ model is specifically designed to cater to creators who are great at what they do – creating engaging content and building a dedicated audience – but may lack experience or knowledge in turning these assets into profitable ventures. With over 200 million content creators globally and an influencer market valued at $21.1 billion, the potential for monetisation is immense, yet often untapped.

The agency’s end-to-end service encompasses everything from ideation and product development to marketing and sales, ensuring that creators can focus on their content while Subbi handles the operational aspects. This approach is especially significant given that it takes, on average, six and a half months for content creators to earn their first dollar, and only a small percentage earn substantial incomes from their efforts.

“Subbi is not just about helping creators make money; it’s about empowering them to own successful businesses that they can operate while continuing to do what they love,” said Jack Purdie. “We’re excited to be part of this journey, helping creators turn their influence into a sustainable source of income.”

Subbi aims to help creators reach their first £1000 in course sales and is offering a free discovery call to see if there’s a good fit. This step is a testament to the agency’s commitment to personalised service and aligning with each creator’s unique goals and circumstances.

About Subbi

Subbi is a forward-thinking agency dedicated to helping content creators leverage their audience to build profitable digital products. Offering a complete range of services, Subbi specialises in transforming content creators into successful digital entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between creativity and business acumen.

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