Author Barry Morgan Unveils Riveting Murder Mystery “Dead Money”

ST MARYS BAY, KENT, UNITED KINGDOM, March 8, 2024 / — Esteemed graphic designer and technical writer, Barry Morgan, is set to captivate readers with his latest novel, “Dead Money.” The suspenseful murder mystery is the thrilling conclusion to the Robert Steele detective trilogy, promising an enthralling narrative that unfolds in the shadowy realms of crime and revenge.

In “Dead Money,” Morgan weaves a tale of intrigue as a bank employee masterminds a daring plot to raid the safety deposit vault at his branch. The gripping storyline takes an unexpected turn, involving drug-related gang members, successful heists, murders, and a double cross that defies expectations. As the protagonist seeks revenge against his former accomplices, he becomes the target of a relentless foreign oligarch determined to recover millions in bullion stolen from the vault. The final deadly confrontation promises a twist that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Barry Morgan, recognized for his contributions as a graphic designer and technical writer for over 300 international companies, delves into the world of murder mysteries with “Dead Money.” This novel serves as the culmination of the Robert Steele detective trilogy, showcasing Morgan’s talent for crafting suspenseful narratives.

Amidst his career accomplishments, Morgan has embraced diverse interests, including fostering children, pursuing a passion for botany, environmentalism, and painting. His unique blend of experiences adds depth and authenticity to “Dead Money,” creating a narrative that resonates with readers on multiple levels.

“Dead Money” is now available for purchase on major platforms, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the gripping world crafted by Barry Morgan. The novel promises a spellbinding journey through crime, betrayal, and unexpected twists, solidifying Morgan’s place as a promising voice in the mystery genre.

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