Artists Sisters J Bridge Gap Between Diversity and Inclusivity
Artists Sisters J Bridge Gap Between Diversity and Inclusivity

Sisters J – Elisabeth and Lily Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J - Lily and Elisabeth Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography) SIstersJ (photo credit:  Paperdolls Photography

Sisters J – Lily and Elisabeth Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J - Lily and Elisabeth Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J – Lily and Elisabeth Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J - Elisabeth and Lily Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J – Elisabeth and Lily Jackson (photo credit: Paperdolls Photography)

Sisters J - "Breathe In" - cover art

Sisters J – “Breathe In” – cover art

Artists Sisters J – Jackson’s Mission – Bridging Gap Between Diversity and Inclusivity Through Song

…Despite any challenge a person may have, we need to accept one another, just as we are.”

— Sisters J – Elisabeth and Lily Jackson

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, August 1, 2023/ — Sisters J-Elisabeth and Lily Jackson– a singing sisters duo are two Tennessee natives who are hoping to make a significant impact in the world with their third and newest single “Breathe In”. Produced by Ted “Theo” Perlman, and under Thornton-Cline on the Clintel Records label, “Breathe In” is steadily climbing and has reached # 10 on the World Indie Chart and #10 on the Euro Indie Chart already.

On a mission to bridge the gap of diversity through their new song, music and arts have played a significant role in both of their lives from early on. Being raised in a creative family, their mother encouraged them to find solace and process life through music, art, writing, and physical activities. Witnessing their mother’s journey as a certified special needs advocate along with autism in the family, have helped shape Sisters J’s understanding of the world and their development with a sense of purpose for spreading the message of inclusivity.

“The song, “Breathe In” began its journey when I was only sixteen. I wanted to write something that would be an encourager to those struggling with anxiety and stress, like me at the time. It was intended to be a lullaby in origin, but it grew into something much bigger. I distinctly remember the words coming to me, like a download in my mind. Since then, the song has held a very special place in my heart and grows all the time. The original title of the song was “Who You Are.” If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll find that it’s about remembering to breathe when life is hard and to remember who you are at your core. Whenever I have found myself lost in life, I find my footing when I remember who I am and who made me. For me, this song is a conversation between myself and my Heavenly Father: to lay my head at His feet and just breathe in His love. It took me almost four years of performing the song to really understand that. It hit me like lightening! This is a message that I want to share with the world.” ~ Elisabeth

To connect the song’s vital message about accepting one another to the visual, Greg Wilson and David Wilson (TenKen Digital ), Elisabeth Jackson, Lily Jackson, and Mary Elizabeth Jackson converged with the goal of creating an emotionally impactful video that uplifts the song’s lyrics. Children with Downs Syndrome and Autism were included to demonstrate the artist’s message of inclusivity.

The video begins with Elisabeth contemplating life by a lakeside when a small child runs up and takes her by the hand inviting her to come and play, a simple but precious action to show acceptance and demonstrate everything is okay. Others begin to show up and join in the play, featuring enchanting scenes of children and adults enjoying the music, life, and one another. Throughout the video, the children and adults pause to take a breath and remember who they are. This beautiful celebration of life clearly exhibits the take-away of the song; we are all perfect exactly how we were born.

“We always want to leave our songs open to the interpretation of the audience. As Dave Grohl once said, you can sing a song to a crowd of 10,000 people and they will sing it back to you for 10,000 different reasons. Whatever your interpretation of the song, its overarching message for all is to breathe. To remember who you are. That is why we have called the song “Breathe In.” And in this world that is ever changing, we want to remind everyone that no matter how you come into this world – you are beautiful. Our differences are what make us unique and special, and they should unify us.”
~ Elisabeth and Lily

Lily and Elisabeth recently shared their personal thoughts about the single. “A label does not define who we are,” believes Sisters J. “It doesn’t matter if someone is on the autism spectrum, has downs syndrome, or any visible or invisible challenge, we are all important. A challenge of any kind shouldn’t make someone think they can’t follow their dreams or accomplish goals. For example, we believe someone on the spectrum has an incredible mind and the power to do amazing things in their life. Through this song …and the words, we want to tell the world despite any challenge a person may have, we need to accept one another, just as we are. At the end of the day we all breathe the same air, watch the same sun rise and set, and see the same moon in the night sky. Please join us on our journey. The world needs a little more light.” ~ Elisabeth and Lily

The Sisters are not only incredible artists on a mission of spreading diversity and inclusion through their music, they also walk the talk. Lily is a youth ambassador for Aunua Global, an incredible initiative to help inspire and empower children around the globe. Also, Lily and Elisabeth both strive to inspire children to never give up, to follow their dreams, and know they are awesome just as they are. Further, the artists are using their gifts to help raise awareness and funds for both Autism and Down’s syndrome. Additionally, Sisters J are on a leadership team for Younga, a youth organization with the global organization Billion-Strong. This leadership team allows young adults to use their gifts and talents on various projects to help our planet become a healthier place for all of us.

Newcomers to Sisters J won’t need to hear the whole song before they realize that we’re possibly in the presence of greatness when we hear them sing. The marriage of Lily and Elisabeth’s voices reaches far beyond any rote cookie-cutter vocal performance and instead, touches something profoundly human within us all. It is beauty embodied in sound. – Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Lily and Elisabeth Jackson have not compromised their beliefs or values in the process of building their careers and it’s difficult to imagine they ever will. “Breathe In” bears a message you won’t hear, at least not in this exact language, from other current artists and this uniqueness will remain a calling card for Sisters J as they move forward. It’s their best release yet and you’ll finish listening to the single certain they’ve just scratched the surface of their tremendous potential. – Heather Savage, Top Buzz Magazine

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