Artica Burr’s Precious Bloodline Presents an Adventurous Tale that Erupts into a Decisive Confrontation of Good vs. Evil

As fiction merges with reality, I keep pencil to paper.

Precious Bloodline: Kiss of a New World Order

“Precious Bloodline” by Artica Burr invites readers to discover their battle cry for justice.

Grief encircles good judgment in a cloak of fog, but through its slowly thinning mist, damage from unclear choices arrives with knife-sharp clarity.”

— Artica Burr

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2024 / — A testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a story that will leave them breathless long after the final page. Each page unfolds elements of psychological struggles and a darkening romance, leaving the readers to explore and uncover what else awaits.

In the shadows of anguish and melancholy lies a guideless roadmap that thrusts you into the void of oblivion and numbness. How far would you go for a fresh start? For some, it’s a trip to Europe, being spoiled with luxury and relishing the finest wines. For Clarisse, it’s a package of potentially grave consequences: more grief, betrayal, and discovering a tainted bloodline with intriguing revelations.

Precious Bloodline,” an unflinching suspense novel by Artica Burr, explores the intoxicating hidden depths of the winds of change. In her book, a young woman named Clarisse, driven by the ashes of family loss, finds hope to move past her grief when she finds solace in the embracing arms of a stranger. All it would take was a compromise, a hasty marriage vow, and a desperate leap of faith. Determined in her hope to regain positivity, Clarisse believed that her ability to love could conquer all.

During a trip to France with her newfound cousin, Clarisse’s marriage sanctuary crumbles like a chateau built upon quicksand when they find themselves staying at a secluded refurbished monastery. Beneath the refreshingly beautiful façade, simmers a viper’s nest of medical malfeasance and human trafficking. As more clues unfold, the stakes grow. A nearby elderly priest clarifies the two women’s unusual family ancestry and that a local revolution is at play. A desperate confrontation between good and evil becomes crucial to decide their fate.

Artica Burr writes, “All major personal decisions alter your life’s pathway.” The author explores the ripple effects of devastating grief that can open the door of exploitation. “Can deliberately forcing a person to be stricken with grief increase their vulnerability to a point where manipulation can be more easily accomplished? My answer is a resounding yes”, Artica proclaims. The author also believes that sacrificing your own values to appease others can be just as lethal in a relationship as forcing them to compromise their own.

Artica Burr’s “Precious Bloodline” offers a genre-bending, emotionally impactful experience. Prepare to step into Clarisse’s shoes, embodying a compelling protagonist as she navigates the treacherous landscape of loss, betrayal, and self-discovery. Life never promised to come at you one issue at a time. Grab a copy of Artica Burr’s “Precious Bloodline” and unlock the secrets that threaten to shatter the world as Clarisse thought she knew it to be.

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