3 Times Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Returns to Hero’s Welcome in Pakistan

Lahore: Millions of People Gathered to Welcome Their Leader Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif Waves at Historic Gathering to Welcome Him

Poll: Nawaz Sharif⁩ can take Pakistan out of current Economic crisis

I want to serve the nation. I have done it in the past and I pray God gives PML-N the strength to continue serving the people.”

— Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN, October 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an outpouring of popular support, millions gathered at Minar e Pakistan, the historic venue of gathering, to welcome home former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after 4 years of exile in London. Sharif, the only 3-time elected Prime Minister in Pakistan’s history, left the country in 2019 under politically motivated fake cases, in which he got acquittal after due proceedings.

He was welcomed to loud chants of “Sher Aya” (the lion has come) where only 10% of people could reach Minar-e-Pakistan, and the rest were outside stuck on the roads. The Ring-Road, motorway and highways were all choked.

For Pakistanis, Sharif’s return represents hopes for reform and economic growth in a country plagued by political instability. During his three terms as premier, Sharif oversaw initiatives to strengthen infrastructure, alleviate poverty, and establish Pakistan as a rising regional power. Though ousted prematurely each time, Sharif has proven his enduring commitment to transforming Pakistan.

“I want to serve the nation. I have done it in the past and I pray God gives PML-N the strength to continue serving the people,” an emotional yet defiant Sharif proclaimed before the adoring Lahore crowd.

“We are among those who helped build the country. We helped make Pakistan an atomic power, we did not rob Pakistan of nuclear weapons. We helped eliminate load-shedding which was at its peak in 2013,” he said.

Narrating the time when he was about to conduct the nuclear tests, Nawaz recalled that every world leader called them and said that Pakistan should not follow in India’s footsteps but they pursued.

“I am also a son of Pakistan, I am loyal to Pakistan,” he said.

Nawaz further said that Clinton not only offered $5 billion for Pakistan and another billion for him, but the former prime minister said that he was loyal and proceeded to respond to India’s nuclear tests.

“Is this why our governments are torpedoed?” he asked.

He recounted the incident when his wife Kulsoom was on her deathbed, he asked the jail superintendent to allow him to speak to his wife. “I pleaded with him, you have these phones before you, please allow me to call my son and speak to her,” Nawaz said, adding that his request was denied by the jail superintendent stating that they were not allowed.

“I asked him whom do you need permission from?” he said, adding that he was not allowed. In the end all he could do was go back to his cell. And then a couple hours later, he was informed that Kulsoom Nawaz had passed away.

Sharif returns to a markedly different Pakistan than when he left. The past 4 years under Prime Minister Imran Khan have seen soaring inflation, and high unemployment that have dimmed the optimism many felt during Sharif’s tenure.

With his comeback, Sharif aims to galvanize the opposition and position himself as the leader Pakistan needs to regain lost promise. Given his track record of bold ideas and focus on economic expansion, hopes are high that the seasoned Sharif can steer Pakistan back towards stability and growth at this crucial juncture.

Today, all of Pakistan celebrates the return of a champion who has persevered despite systemic obstacles. The “Nation’s son” is back to lead his people out of darkness once more, and jubilation rings out across the country. The next chapter in Pakistan’s history begins now.

According to ⁦Gallup Pakistan, an independent survey, snap poll, in reply to an open-ended question, majority respondents named Nawaz Sharif⁩ as the leader who can take Pakistan out of current Economic crisis.

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Millions of Pakistanis came out to welcome Nawaz Sharif in a historic jalsa, breaking all previous records.

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