Top-Ranked Economist Jason Schenker Delivers Keynote on Economic and Material Handling Outlook at MHI Spring Meeting

Top-Ranked Economist and Futurist Jason Schenker Delivers Keynote Address on Economic and Material Handling Outlook at MHI Spring Meeting

By staying ahead of economic risks, leveraging AI capabilities, and embracing sustainability, material handling companies can position themselves for success amidst uncertainty.”

— Jason Schenker, President of Prestige Economics

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, June 2, 2023/ — Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute and President of Prestige Economics, took the stage as the keynote speaker at the MHI Spring Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, in late May.

MHI, the leading industry association for material handling, welcomed Mr. Schenker to share his insights on “The Economic, Financial Market, and Material Handling Outlook in a Time of Uncertainty.” With his extensive expertise, Mr. Schenker provided a comprehensive analysis of critical risks and opportunities for the material handling industry in the year ahead and beyond.

During his speech, Mr. Schenker addressed a range of significant risks, including banking risks, the U.S. debt ceiling impasse, high inflation, rising interest rates, and Cold War Two®. By examining these challenges, he provided valuable guidance to industry professionals on navigating the current economic landscape. At the same time, Mr. Schenker also shed light on positive aspects of the U.S. economy, emphasizing the strength of the labor market with millions of unfilled jobs, low consumer debt delinquencies, and the high credit quality of mortgage issuances in the past three years.

Recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence in a tight labor market, Mr. Schenker discussed the leverage that AI can offer in the material handling industry. He highlighted various applications of generative AI in the back-office and operational functions, ranging from crafting job postings for HR to drafting legal documents and creating detailed project plans. These examples illustrated the transformative power of AI in optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency within supply chain and manufacturing industries.

Sustainability was another crucial topic covered by Mr. Schenker. He discussed the increasing imperative of sustainability initiatives, noting, “The mandate to document and improve emissions levels is no longer a mere suggestion; it has become a critical demand from investors, regulators, governments, and consumers. Embracing sustainable practices will become increasingly critical for the long-term success of material handling and supply chain businesses.”

In his speech, Mr. Schenker underscored the importance of being mindful of the limitations of generative AI. He emphasized the need to understand the content being generated and ensure its accuracy to mitigate risks, biases, errors, and inadvertent disclosure of proprietary company intellectual property. As AI continues to advance, Mr. Schenker emphasized that this awareness will become increasingly crucial in the future.

Throughout his discussion of the outlook for the material handling industry, Mr. Schenker expressed optimism, projecting that 2023 would likely be one of the best years on record for most companies in the sector. This positive outlook reflected his analysis of market trends and anticipated industry dynamics.

Reflecting on the speech, Mr. Schenker remarked, “The material handling industry plays a pivotal role in supply chains. By staying ahead of economic risks, leveraging AI capabilities, and embracing sustainability, companies can position themselves for success amidst uncertainty. I am honored to have shared these insights with the distinguished attendees of the MHI Spring Meeting.”

Mr. Schenker’s distinguished career as an economist and futurist has made him a highly sought-after expert in global financial, business, supply chain, and technology trends. He has been a valued partner of MHI for nine years, along with Prestige Economics, his economic research and forecasting firm. The Futurist Institute, which Mr. Schenker chairs, has been at the forefront of preparing professionals for future challenges, offering invaluable insights and guidance to industries worldwide.

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