TELF AG Unveils Article in Base Metals and Battery Materials Report on Nickel
TELF AG Unveils Article in Base Metals and Battery Materials Report on Nickel

TELF AG Unveils Article in Base Metals and Battery Materials Report: “Nickel Faces Steep Price Drop Amid Weak Demand from China”

One of the primary factors contributing to the price drop of nickel is the weak demand.”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, July 28, 2023/ — TELF AG, an international physical commodities trader with a 30-year track record, published its latest article, “Nickel Faces Steep Price Drop Amid Weak Demand from China.” The article contributes to TELF AG’s ongoing Base Metals and Battery Materials Report, wherein TELF AG discusses the recent market trends that have resulted in a notable decline in nickel prices, impacting the global base metals market.

According to TELF AG, base metals, with nickel being a crucial component, play a pivotal role in various industries. However, as per TELF AG’s report, recent market developments have revealed a noteworthy decline in the price of nickel, raising concerns among industry experts and investors alike. The company emphasizes the importance of nickel in manufacturing products ranging from stainless steel to batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs), making the fall in nickel prices a matter of significance.

As TELF AG states, the price of nickel experienced a sharp drop of 2.7% within three months, surpassing all other base metals in percentage decrease. TELF AG reports that the decline in nickel prices has sparked discussions and considerations about its potential implications on the global base metals industry.

According to TELF AG, one of the primary factors contributing to the price drop of nickel is weak demand, particularly from China. Being a global economic powerhouse, China’s role in consuming base metals, including nickel, cannot be understated. However, TELF AG reports that despite the Chinese government’s efforts to promote the adoption of new energy vehicles (NEVs) through purchasing incentives, the expected boost in nickel demand from China has not materialized as per TELF AG’s findings.

As TELF AG reported, the Chinese government publicly expressed its intention to create new purchasing incentives to accelerate the adoption of NEVs in the country. Since NEVs, including electric cars and hybrid vehicles, heavily rely on battery technologies incorporating nickel, the planned incentives were projected to encourage consumers to transition to more environmentally friendly alternatives from traditional fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

However, as TELF AG discusses in its article, despite the promising news of upcoming incentives, the demand for nickel has not witnessed significant improvement. The reasons behind this stagnation in demand are complex and multifaceted, as reported by TELF AG. Economic factors, geopolitical tensions, and uncertainties related to global trade may contribute to China’s cautious approach toward fully embracing NEVs, thus hindering the expected growth in nickel demand.

In conclusion, as TELF AG reported, the recent drop in nickel prices has instigated concerns within the base metals industry. Nickel’s substantial decline, surpassing all other base metals, is primarily attributed to weak demand from China. Despite the Chinese government’s announcements of forthcoming incentives to promote NEVs adoption, as per TELF AG’s analysis, the demand for nickel has not experienced the expected boost. While the exact reasons behind this weak demand remain uncertain, TELF AG states that challenges in implementation and broader economic factors may play a role. As the global economy continues to evolve, monitoring the fluctuations in demand for base metals, especially nickel, in response to changing market dynamics becomes crucial.

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