Techsommet returns with Second Edition of Legal Automation Virtual Summit: Sponsored by Mitratech

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Techsommet is excited to announce its second edition Legal Automation Virtual Summit on February 6, 2024, sponsored by Mitratech.

It is always a pleasure working with Techsommet. With a very strong speaker and panel lineup, I always look to add value. The audience and all the panelists will agree to the event success.”

— Neal Topf (President at Callzilla)

DELAWARE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 2, 2024 / — After the success of its first edition with over 9 sessions and a panel discussion with 350 delegates registering for the event, Techsommet is excited to announce its second edition Legal Automation Virtual Summit on February 6, 2024. A trailblazing event in legal tech, the summit is proudly sponsored by Mitratech, a global technology partner renowned for its stellar track record. This virtual gathering signifies a crucial platform for legal professionals, highlighting the latest advancements in legal automation and fostering collaboration within the legal tech community.

Mitratech: Platinum Sponsor:

Mitratech stands as a trusted global technology partner, providing a comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions. Collaborating with Mitratech empowers organizations to implement best practices, standardize processes across diverse business lines, and enhance operational alignment. The outcomes are significant – heightened productivity, streamlined expenses, and mitigated risk. Mitratech’s proven track record is evidenced by its widespread adoption, boasting satisfaction from over 10,000 organizations globally. Notably, 30% of the Fortune 500 entrust Mitratech, with a user base exceeding 500,000 individuals across 160 countries. This widespread confidence attests to Mitratech’s commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions, making it the go-to partner for those seeking excellence in navigating complex business challenges.

Exceptional Lineup of Industry Leaders:

The summit boasts an outstanding lineup of speakers, featuring prominent figures in the legal and technology sectors.

Brian McGovern, (Executive Director of CLC Solutions at Mitratech) along with Casey Conlon (Strategic Account Executive at Mitratech), will lead the event with a session on “You Can’t Master What You Don’t Measure: Moving Away from Unstructured Legal Data with Workflow.”

Following suit, Jeremy Hopkins, (Strategic Director of Legal Operations at ContentSquare), will share insights on automation readiness., covering “The Hard Yards: How to be Automation-Ready?”

Jose Serrano, SVP Legal at RingCentral, will delve into “I Want to Automate My Contracting Process, Where Do I Start? An In-House Counsel View.”

Janessa Nelson, (Director of Legal Operations at Attentive), will contribute her expertise with a session on “Legal Automation and Change Management 101.”

Panel Discussion on the Future of Legal Automation:

The summit will feature a thought-provoking panel discussion titled “Navigating the Future: Legal Automation and the Evolving Role of Legal Professionals.” will explore the transformative impact of legal automation on the legal profession. Topics include defining legal automation, its impact on traditional legal processes, efficiency gains, challenges, evolving job roles and skillsets, collaboration between humans and technology, legal tech trends, regulatory considerations, client expectations, and real-world case studies. The discussion aims to provide insights into navigating the changing landscape, balancing technology with human expertise, and adapting to the evolving demands of the legal field.

Panelists include :

Brian McGovern (Executive Director of CLC Solutions – Mitratech),

Eric Ortman (Senior Director, Legal Operations – BeiGene), and

Lyndsey Cain (Vice President, Legal Operations Services – LegalEng Consulting Group)

The entire event will be expertly moderated by Nicolas Flo, Co-Founder at DEI Directive.

Join the Legal Tech Conversation:

Calling all legal professionals, tech enthusiasts, and industry stakeholders! Join us for the Legal Automation Virtual Summit on February 6, 2024, commencing at 10:00 AM ET. This inclusive event invites participants to delve into the dynamic intersection of legal process and technology, offering a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the future of legal automation. From exploring cutting-edge advancements to understanding the evolving role of technology in shaping the legal landscape, this summit promises a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exclusive gathering, charting the course for the future of the legal profession. Register now for a transformative experience!

About Legal Automation Virtual Summit:

The Legal Automation Virtual Summit stands as a preeminent event, committed to delving into the dynamic intersection of legal processes and technology. Set to unfold with a spotlight on innovation, best practices, and the changing role of legal professionals, the summit serves as a pivotal platform for thought leaders to disseminate their expertise and insights. Notably, the success of the inaugural edition is reflected in the overwhelming participation, with over 350 delegates already registered. This enthusiastic response underscores the summit’s significance within the legal tech landscape. Attendees can anticipate a gathering of diverse perspectives, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, making this event a cornerstone for those navigating the evolving landscape of legal automation.

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