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Solar Refrigerator Company highlights the top selling brands in the solar power and DC appliances industry & showcases popular products in the United States

ORO VALLEY, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — Solar Refrigerator Company aims to provide the most competitive priced solar power and DC products on the market. An investigation into the top movers in the US Solar industry reflected SunStar, Rich Solar and Danfoss were creating major strides in the industry. This article focuses on these brands and their most popular products.

Sunstar is a US renowned brand that manufactures their products in the USA. This brand manufactures DC solar refrigerators and solar freezers suitable for homes and businesses. Their range of product sizes are between 3 to 21 cu ft. Some of the features of their products include

4″ insulated walls.
Top: refrigerate or freeze; Bottom: refrigerate.
Defrost : Top: manual; Bottom: automatic.
Refrigerators with compressors for each compartment.
Even temperature design, no warm spots.
Interior lights in both compartments.
Fast cooling system.
Reversible door.
Freezers that operate at refrigerating and freezing temperatures.
2 Years Warranty.

The most popular among off-grid homes of this brand is:

16 cu ft (454L) SunStar Solar Refrigerator ST-16RF 16 ranging from $2,150 to $2,250.

This model comes in Stainless Steel, white and black.

Sunstar also manufactures super-efficient solar freezers ranging from $1,120 to $1,995:

8 cu ft (227L) SunStar Solar Freezer ST-8CF (available in white only) and has 4.5 inches polyurethane insulated walls.
15 cu ft (425L) SunStar Solar Freezer ST-15CF (available in white only) and has 4.6 inches polyurethane insulated walls.
21 cu ft (595L) SunStar Solar Freezer ST-21CF (available in white only) and has 4.6 inches polyurethane insulated walls.

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Rich Solar was founded in 2005, RICH SOLAR is the leading supplier of off-grid solar equipment for RV, agriculture, off-grid housing, marine, light industrial and heavy equipment, provides solar panels and other equipment, including solar charge controllers, inverters, batteries and complete do-it-yourself solar kits.
We’d love to work with you to create the perfect solar solution for your product or industry. Lead your industry and increase product value by adding solar or making it solar-ready.

Rich Solar Mission
Reliable, Innovation, Cost-effective, High-technology.

An increasingly popular product for this brand especially given the ease of portability are their 100w and 200w portable solar panel briefcase range. They are available in the following variations and prices range from $299.99 to $499.99:

100 Watt Solar Panel Briefcase + Charging Kit by Rich Solar
100 Watt Solar Panel Briefcase by Rich Solar
200 Watt Solar Panel Briefcase + Charging Kit by Rich Solar
200 Watt Solar Panel Briefcase by Rich Solar

The above options can either come with a charge controller or not. Solar Refrigerator Company would recommend the charge controller option, because all that is needed in addition to this is the Rich Solar Power Generator Station (Lithium X 500) for $499.99 or their 100Ah 12V Lithium Deep Cycle Battery for $699.99.

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Danfoss, recently renamed Secop is a global industrial company that produces a wide range of products and services primarily in the areas of heating, cooling, and refrigeration. The company was founded in 1933 in Denmark and has since grown to become a leader in the industry, with operations in more than 100 countries and a workforce of over 27,000 employees.

Some of the products and services offered by Danfoss include:

Cooling and refrigeration systems – Danfoss produces a range of cooling and refrigeration systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. These systems are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Heating systems – Danfoss offers a variety of heating systems, including floor heating, radiator thermostats, and central heating systems. These systems are designed to provide comfortable heating while also being energy-efficient.

Drives and controls – Danfoss produces a range of drives and controls for industrial and commercial applications. These products are designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Power solutions – Danfoss offers a range of power solutions, including hydraulic, electric, and electronic components. These products are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, and marine.

Overall, Danfoss is a leading provider of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for heating, cooling, and refrigeration, as well as a range of other industrial applications.

Solar Refrigerator Company’s focus and offerings for Danfoss Products include the marine and DC electronic components. These include:

Danfoss Secop 101N0212 (101N0300 / 101N0320 / 101N0330 / 101N0340) Electronic unit/ Compressor Controller for BD35F & BD50F for $207.

Danfoss Secop 101N0390 (101N0290) Electronic unit/ Compressor Controller for BD80F & BD250GH for $390.

Compressor Electronic Unit for ESCR450DW (DC Compressor Controller) for $490

Danfoss Secop BD50F Compressor for $249

Danfoss Secop BD80F Compressor for $325

For a full list of the products Solar Refrigerator Company offers by Danfoss, please click on the link below:

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