Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Announces Expanded Services

The move reinforces its position as a leading IoT devices manufacturer for the logistics industry.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, October 11, 2023 / — Today, Eelink Communication Technology Co., Ltd, one of the foremost GPS and IoT tracking device design and manufacturing companies, unveiled its extensive array of services and bespoke solutions. Known for their prowess in embedded design and IoT manufacturing for Supply Chain Management, Eelink is eager to showcase their niche expertise in the areas of cold chain shipping solutions, cargo tracking & monitoring, and global IoT solutions.

The Role of IoT in the Logistics Realm

As the logistics domain grows, the usage of devices and sensors for monitoring, tracking, and optimizing transportation, warehousing, and distribution has become pivotal. Eelink’s advanced solutions, which include GPS trackers, RFID tags, temperature sensors, and a host of other IoT devices, offer real-time monitoring and tracking that promises transformative efficiency gains for logistics businesses. From ensuring temperature-sensitive items like pharmaceuticals remain within prescribed limits to optimizing fleet management with GPS trackers, Eelink’s suite of products enhances the overall performance of logistics operations.

Why Choose Eelink?

Working with Eelink offers a slew of advantages. Here are the top five:

• Comprehensive Customized Services: With Eelink, logistics companies benefit from tailored devices that cater specifically to their unique protocols and practices, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of goods.

• Guaranteed Material and Component Quality: Using top-tier materials is crucial. Eelink ensures all devices are constructed using high-quality components, promising unmatched reliability.

• In-house Mold Fabrication and Production: Different IoT devices necessitate unique protective cases. Eelink’s in-house capabilities ensure optimal protection and durability.

• Branded Packaging Solutions: Packaging is not just about protection during transit but also branding. Eelink offers custom packaging solutions that not only safeguard the devices but also act as branding tools.

• Integration and Rigorous Testing: Every Eelink device undergoes stringent testing to guarantee seamless integration with the company’s communication and data management systems.

Eelink’s Unique Proposition

While IoT has ushered a new era in logistics, Eelink stands out by offering a tailor-made suite of services, from research and development to product integration. Whether clients seek end-to-end solutions or supplementary services, Eelink caters to every need, making it a one-stop solution provider. The company’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries, coupled with a customer-centric approach, ensures that clients receive solutions optimized for efficiency, cost-reduction, and stellar performance.

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About Eelink

Founded in 2004, Eelink Communication Technology Limited is the top IoT GPS tracker manufacturer in China, with an exceptional reputation and 15 years of manufacturing experience. The company has mass-produced a variety of GPS tracking devices, including vehicle tracking devices, cargo tracking devices, wireless temperature monitoring devices, asset tracking devices, and much more.

Eelink devices embedded in customers’ products are monitoring conditions and transmitting data on cargo in motion all over the world, 24 hours a day. Temperature, humidity, open-door events, tilt/shock events, location, elevation, and other variables are all monitored by Eelink’s designs, meaning that companies can keep products safe, secure, and within time/temperature limitations from origin to final destination.

About Apple Ko

Apple Ko, VP of Global Product Sales Business Development at Eelink, is a seasoned sales leader in the GPS technology sector. With expertise spanning business development, international negotiations, account management, and more, Apple brings over a decade of sales experience to the table. Focusing on North America, Australia, and Europe, they have played an integral role in ensuring Eelink’s solutions like IoT devices, fleet management technologies, and cloud-based management systems meet the ever-evolving needs of the global market.

Apple Ko
+ +8615889393211
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