rule5 unveils Signal IQ, an autonomous AI agent for businesses to uncover new opportunities and sources of revenue

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Signal IQ Platform

Signal IQ Platform

Account IQ Insights from rule5

Account IQ Insights from rule5

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 / — rule5 AI Inc., a pioneer in generative AI, is excited to announce the launch of Signal IQ, an autonomous agent that monitors companies, people and target markets to generate relevant actionable signals uncovering new leads, opportunities, and sources of revenue.

Initially focused on enhancing Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, Signal IQ offers a broad range of applications in sectors including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, legal, and consumer products. This cutting-edge autonomous agent revolutionizes how businesses stay informed and ahead of the curve by revealing the key trends and changes that signal opportunities for their business.

“When our customers experience big changes like mergers, acquisitions, or new product announcements, timing is everything.” said Cody Guymon, COO GTM Operations at Workato. “Signal IQ allows us to detect these events as soon as they happen, so we can immediately introduce integration and automation solutions to help them thrive through those changes. Timely engagement like this is critical to our growth plans”

Signal IQ is a significant leap forward in leveraging AI technologies and automation in sales and marketing operations, turbocharging productivity, pipeline growth and conversion rates. The two most important aspects of sales engagement are timing and message. Sellers of even the best products in the industry will struggle if the timing and/or message of their engagement is wrong. Signal IQ scours vast amounts of data about target accounts and buyers to identify the right time to reach out with the right message that is relevant, contextual and addresses customer pain points with the seller’s solution.

“Signal IQ has been a game-changer for us at Aware. As an AI-powered company, we appreciate the value of precise, up-to-the-minute data. Signal IQ reveals timely, actionable insights that help us seize new opportunities before our competitors find them, and nurture existing opportunities with minimal effort.” said Kevin Colón, Chief Revenue Officer at Aware.

Signal IQ continuously tracks real-time critical events such as leadership changes, earnings announcements, mergers and acquisitions, new funding rounds, product launches, strategic growth initiatives, ESG and DEI efforts, layoffs, and hiring processes. It also monitors any significant topic, theme, or event pertinent to your business, keeping tabs on key contacts, including former users and champions, to identify job changes that could open up new business avenues.

Signal IQ’s approach to GTM challenges and the following features set it apart from other solutions available today:

– Signal IQ leverages a purpose-tuned LLM (Large Language Model) for sales, marketing and customer success.

– Autonomous and continuous monitoring of thousands of multimodal and multilingual data sources so that sellers never miss any opportunity.

– Signal detection is enabled with context and themes that use standard and custom prompts to fine-tune and narrow down exact events of interest.

– Advanced classification, filtering and de-duplication algorithms to reduce noise and surface only relevant signals.

– Signals are summarized using customizable prompts to highlight pertinent information that uncover the business opportunity and ideas on how to position the seller’s solution for the best outcome.

– Summarized signals with a link to the original source are delivered via email, slack or API for integration with other applications.

“Signal IQ is a huge milestone in our vision. We already have the leading AI platform for GTM, enabling breakthrough levels of performance and productivity. Signal IQ ensures that your engagement is fully aligned and responsive to customer needs in real time. Customer feedback has been extremely positive,” said Eric Larson, CEO and Co-founder of rule5 AI Inc.

“We are thrilled to introduce Signal IQ to the market, providing GTM teams with AI technologies and automation to enhance their strategic decision-making and drive business growth,” remarked Vikas Javiya, CPO & Co-founder at rule5 AI Inc. “With Signal IQ, organizations can achieve a remarkable 40% increase in productivity of their GTM teams, along with a doubling of qualified pipeline volume, enabling them to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.”

rule5 AI Inc. is committed to delivering innovative AI solutions that empower GTM organizations to thrive in dynamic market environments.

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About rule5 AI Inc.:

rule5 AI Inc. is a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for sales and marketing. Leveraging automation and generative AI, rule5 empowers GTM teams to get valuable insights from external data, research their target accounts and buyers and then engage with contextual and relevant messaging at the right time, thus enabling significant productivity gains, improving outcomes and driving business growth.

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