PathFree Technologies Corporation Announces Pilot Program for AiCLS with DataSyte AI
PathFree Technologies Corporation Announces Pilot Program for AiCLS with DataSyte AI

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PathFree Technologies launches a pilot for AiCLS with DataSyte AI

AI will not replace Doctors, but Doctors that use AI will replace the Doctors that don’t.”

— Dr. Perry M. Brunette Ph.D.

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — Introduction

PathFree Technologies Corporation is thrilled to announce the launch of a pilot program for its revolutionary AiMediQ brand product, AiCLS with DataSyte AI. This groundbreaking technology will be tested at Rowland Convalescent Hospital in Covina, CA. The program aims to gather preliminary data, setting the stage for swift progress through clinical trials and FDA clearances.

Unveiling AiCLS with DataSyte AI

Advanced Predictive Analytics

AiCLS with DataSyte AI integrates advanced predictive analytics to provide real-time insights into patient data. This feature allows healthcare providers to anticipate potential health issues before they become critical, thereby enabling proactive intervention.

Real-Time Clinical Decision Support

One of the most significant advantages of AiCLS with DataSyte AI is its real-time clinical decision support. By continuously analyzing patient data, the system offers medical professionals personalized treatment plans tailored to individual patient needs. This not only enhances patient outcomes but also optimizes resource allocation within healthcare facilities.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The personalized treatment plans generated by AiCLS with DataSyte AI are based on comprehensive data analysis, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective care possible. This personalized approach is designed to improve recovery times and overall patient satisfaction.

Objectives of the Pilot Program

Data Collection and Analysis

The primary objective of the pilot program at Rowland Convalescent Hospital is to gather preliminary data on the efficacy of AiCLS with DataSyte AI. This data will be crucial in refining the technology and preparing it for broader clinical trials and FDA approval.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes

By testing AiCLS with DataSyte AI in a real-world setting, PathFree Technologies aims to demonstrate the technology’s ability to significantly enhance patient outcomes. The insights gained from the pilot program will help to fine-tune the system, ensuring it delivers optimal results.

Accelerating Clinical Trials

The data collected during the pilot program will be instrumental in accelerating the clinical trial process. With robust preliminary data, PathFree Technologies can move swiftly through the regulatory approval process, bringing this innovative technology to market faster.

Leadership Insight

Dr. Perry M. Brunette‘s Vision

“With AiCLS with DataSyte AI, we are redefining healthcare, providing medical professionals with a powerful tool to enhance patient outcomes,” said Dr. Perry M. Brunette, CEO of PathFree Technologies. His vision is to leverage AI-driven solutions to transform the medical landscape, making healthcare more efficient and effective.

Commitment to Innovation

PathFree Technologies has always been at the forefront of medical innovation. The launch of the AiCLS with DataSyte AI pilot program is a testament to the company’s commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology.

Future Prospects

Scaling the Technology

Once the pilot program is successfully completed, PathFree Technologies plans to scale AiCLS with DataSyte AI across various healthcare settings. This will allow a broader range of medical professionals to benefit from the technology’s advanced capabilities.

Continuous Improvement

PathFree Technologies is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. The insights gained from the pilot program will be used to enhance AiCLS with DataSyte AI, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of medical technology.

Broadening Impact

The ultimate goal of AiCLS with DataSyte AI is to have a broad and positive impact on healthcare. By improving patient outcomes and streamlining clinical processes, this technology has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered.


The launch of the AiCLS with DataSyte AI pilot program at Rowland Convalescent Hospital marks a significant milestone for PathFree Technologies. This innovative technology promises to redefine healthcare by providing advanced predictive analytics and real-time clinical decision support. With a focus on enhancing patient outcomes and accelerating clinical trials, AiCLS with DataSyte AI is set to transform the medical landscape.

Stay tuned for updates as PathFree Technologies continues to pioneer innovations in medical technology.

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