OPPOLIA Home Introduces Three New Whole-House Solutions for 2024
OPPOLIA Home Introduces Three New Whole-House Solutions for 2024

Oppolia Home launched 3 innovative whole-home design solutions globally in 2024. These solutions lead to the next wave of whole-home renovation.

CANADA, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — OPPOLIA Home, a premium brand under Oppein Home Group Inc., has unveiled three new whole-house solutions for 2024. Known for its sleek, functional, and contemporary home furnishings, OPPOLIA Home continues to fulfill its mission of “fulfilling people’s dreams of a better home.” With a strong presence in international markets, these new collections have already garnered significant interest in Canada and Australia.

Cilan Series

The Cilan series is characterized by its unique arc doors, fluted panels, and handleless designs, offering a modern aesthetic. The combination of blush red and creamy white creates a delicate, romantic atmosphere.

●Kitchen: Tall cabinets with built-in appliances such as a refrigerator and steam oven blend aesthetics with functionality. Accessories like pull-out baskets and drawer organizers enhance storage and usability.

●Living Room: The TV unit features a sophisticated gray palette with red floating drawers, complemented by glass cabinets and ambiance lighting.

●Bedroom: The bedroom integrates a minimalist wardrobe with clean lines and neutral colors, featuring vertical metal handles and integrated lighting for an elegant touch.

Stindee Series

The Stindee series brings a smooth and cozy ambiance with its natural green and creamy white color scheme. Lacquered cabinets and ambiance lighting enhance the high-end texture and warmth.

●Kitchen: The green kitchen island, resembling a polished emerald, serves as a focal point with a bar countertop and wine rack, offering a modern design with bold colors.

●Living Room: Wall panels, floating TV cabinets, and symmetrical glass display units create a cohesive and modern aesthetic.

●Bedroom: Integrated handles and green accents against a gray backdrop provide an elegant and warm ambiance, with an open vanity cabinet and functional mirrors adding to the room’s functionality.

Hull Series

The Hull series features dusty brown tones with red wine accents, offering a romantic and elegant statement. Frameless door fronts and smooth surfaces highlight a minimalist aesthetic.

●Kitchen: Compact yet functional, this kitchen includes versatile appliances, removable sockets, an integrated stove, and open shelves for enhanced storage.

●Living Room: Dynamic lines and shapes, combined with bookshelves and TV units, create a visually engaging environment with red accent cabinets adding intensity.

●Bedroom: A calming gray tone promotes peace, with romantic red accents highlighting the vanity. The lacquer finish and minimalist cabinet fronts contribute to an ultra-modern look.

OPPOLIA Home continues to set standards in innovative home solutions. In collaboration with Italian designer Marco Bortolin, the company established a designer alliance and R&D center in Milan. This partnership enhances OPPOLIA’s commitment to innovation and talent development, as evidenced by a $160.85 million investment in 2023.

Additionally, OPPOLIA Home is expanding its global dealer network, offering benefits such as reliable product supplies, exclusive pricing, comprehensive training, and various incentives. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for businesses to elevate their offerings and collaborate with a successful partner. For more information about the new collections and dealership opportunities, visit https://www.oppoliahome.com/

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