Nutritional Products International’s Mitch Gould: Walmart Continues Innovative Moves to Stay on Top, Compete with Amazon

Mitch Gould, the founder of NPI, is a third-generation retail distribution and manufacturing professional.

Gould Visits Walmart Headquarters, Gets Orders

Walmart does not rest on its past performances. It is always looking to leverage its strengths.”

— Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2023/ — Walmart keeps making changes to keep its top place in the retail industry.

Recently, Walmart said it would add thousands of electric vehicle charging stations to its stores’ locations. The retail giant also has revamped its homepage to compete better against Amazon.

“Walmart does not rest on its past performances. It is always looking to leverage its strengths,” said Mitch Gould, Founder and CEO of Nutritional Products International, a global brand management firm based in Boca Raton, FL. “As more consumers buy electric vehicles, Walmart realized that adding charging stations in their parking lots will give consumers another reason to shop at its stores.”

Gould said Walmart started emphasizing online purchases years after Amazon did.

“But the retail giant knew it had an advantage that Amazon couldn’t compete with – 4,717 brick-and-mortar stores,” he added. “Walmart didn’t have to build a network of distribution centers. It already had one near almost every consumer in America.”

Gould said Walmart also unveiled its redesigned homepage, which is getting a lot of positive reviews.

“In its one-on-one battle with Amazon, Walmart changed its homepage from a cluttered user interface to blocks showing different departments and deals,” he said. “Walmart made it easier for consumers to search for products.”

Gould closely follows Walmart’s retail innovations because he visited its national headquarters when he represented consumer goods.

“That was a thrill,” he said. “Visiting where Sam Walton built a retail giant was a highlight of my career.”

Sixteen years ago, Gould changed his focus from consumer goods to health, wellness, and sports nutrition products.

“I saw the future for nutritional products, and I was right,” he said. “The industry has seen exponential growth in the past 16 years.

“My years of making deals with major retailers, such as Target, Costco, Walgreens, and CVS, enabled me to develop my ‘Evolution of Distribution’ system, which offers all the professional services needed to launch products,” he added. “I developed a turnkey, one-stop shopping experience for product manufacturers, which emphasizes speed to market and affordability.”

Domestic and international health, wellness, and sports nutrition brands can find all the services they need to roll out new products in the U.S.

“We offer sales support, marketing services, FDA regulatory compliance guidance, and operational expertise,” he said.

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