NovaCentrix Broadens Its Portfolio of Carbon Black Inks with the Addition of a Carbon-Black Nanoparticle Dispersion


Leveraging their expertise in conductive and resistive inks, NovaCentrix introduces Metalon® JR-001, an aqueous carbon-black nanoparticle dispersion.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2023 / — NovaCentrix, a global leader in the field of advanced additive manufacturing technology, is proud to announce the addition of a groundbreaking product to its portfolio. Leveraging their expertise in conductive and resistive inks, NovaCentrix introduces Metalon® JR-001, an aqueous carbon-black nanoparticle dispersion. This new product provides a versatile and economical solution for the direct printing of high-precision electronic components onto a wide range of substrates.

Carbon black, a highly-engineered form of carbon, boasts exceptional mechanical and electrical properties, rendering it indispensable across a diverse array of industries. NovaCentrix’s Metalon® JR-001 is specifically engineered to empower transformative applications in the electronics sector, as well as in aerospace, automotive, energy storage, and advanced materials development.

Key Features of Metalon® JR-001 Carbon-Black Nanoparticle Dispersion:

· Contains 10% by weight carbon black dispersed in pure water.

· Stabilized with a polymeric dispersing agent for enhanced stability.

· Average particle size of approximately 130 nanometers as measured by DLS.

· Ensures purity, dispersibility, and tight size control.

NovaCentrix has tailored Metalon® JR-001 for integration into additive manufacturing processes, where it excels in crafting intricate electronic components with finely controlled resistivity. Consequently, it serves as the optimal choice across a wide spectrum of electronic applications, including the fabrication of circuit boards, heating elements, switches, and sensors. Moreover, its utility extends to powering lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles and energizing a multitude of consumer electronics, underscoring its vital role in advanced technologies.

The versatility of this dispersion extends beyond electronics. Carbon black nanoparticles are exceptionally pure and suitable for various rubber types. They find applications in diverse products like antistatic flooring, automotive fuel hoses, and conveyor belts.

NovaCentrix’s Metalon® carbon nanoparticle inks, which are derived from the dispersion, adhere exceptionally well to a variety of materials, including both porous and non-porous substrates, such as coated and uncoated plastics (e.g., polycarbonate, PET, and polyimide), glass, metal, and paper. The cured inks also exhibit high water resistance.

The adaptability of these carbon inks permits their use with various printing techniques and equipment, including standard inkjet printers, aerosol printing, and screen printing.

Customers interested in NovaCentrix’s carbon-black nanoparticle dispersion and ink products can choose from off-the-shelf formulations, which contain between 3.5% and 10% by weight nanoparticle carbon, sized between 120 and 250 nanometers. All inks are water-based, making them non-flammable and easy to clean up, and are available in standard 50 ml plastic vials or 100 g jars through the NovaCentrix website. Bulk packaging options are also available upon direct inquiry.

NovaCentrix’s team of experienced engineers is dedicated to helping customers select the ideal Metalon® resistive carbon-black nanoparticle dispersion or ink that suits their unique applications or print methods.

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