New Report Ranks the Nation’s Most Productive States
New Report Ranks the Nation’s Most Productive States is a nationwide, free-to-use commercial real estate listings and data platform.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 7, 2023/ — In the spirit of Labor Day,, a commercial real estate data and listing platform, compiled a report that ranks the nation’s most productive states by calculating labor productivity, worker output, hours worked, unit labor costs, and GDP per capita using recent data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The labor productivity of all 50 states is listed in the report: The top three most productive states, according to the research, are Washington, California, and Colorado; the three least productive states are Mississippi, Alaska, and Louisiana.

The report provides further detail on the nation’s top ten most productive states, which, according to the data, are, from most to least productive:

1. Washington;

2. California;

3. Colorado;

4. Utah;

5. Oregon;

6. Massachusetts;

7. Idaho;

8. Georgia;

9. Tennessee; and

10. New Hampshire.

“Examining the top ten most productive states uncovers persistent trends, linking attributes and regions,” says the report. “Leading states, like Washington and California, are propelled by robust technology sectors and excel in labor productivity and output.”

“Also notably, the West Coast and Southern regions have emerged as prominent hubs of productivity, with many of the nation’s most productive states coming from those regions. The significance of education and innovation resonates in states like Utah and Colorado, highlighting the pivotal role that a skilled workforce plays in economic output.”

The report also highlights the ten states with the most improved labor productivity between 2017 and 2022. These are, in order:

1. Idaho;

2. Washington;

3. Utah;

4. California;

5. Oregon;

6. Arizona;

7. Tennessee;

8. Maine;

9. Colorado; and

10. Massachusetts.

You can read the full complete report here: is a national commercial real estate marketplace and data platform. Users can sign up for free and get access to accurate local market intelligence, comp software, a federal agent directory, and more. The site also supports other players in the industry, including NAI Global, Colliers, and Cushman & Wakefield.

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