Logikality Announces Major Growth: Plans to Add 500 New Team Members in 2024
Logikality Announces Major Growth: Plans to Add 500 New Team Members in 2024

Logikality Announces Major Growth: Plans to Add 500 New Team Members in 2024

Logikality to hire 500 in 2024, enhancing AI, data science, cloud, and cybersecurity. Join us for innovative tech solutions. #LogikalityCareers #TechJobs2024

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, May 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Logikality, a fast-growing leader in digital solutions, is excited to announce plans to onboard 500 new team members in 2024. This growth will help the company expand its capabilities in areas like artificial intelligence, data science, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity, meeting the rising demand for advanced digital solutions across many industries.

About Logikality

Logikality was founded to change how businesses use technology. The company has quickly become well-known in the tech industry for its strong and effective digital solutions. Logikality helps businesses run more smoothly and use digital innovation to grow and improve customer experiences.

Future Hiring Plans

This hiring plan is in response to the high demand for advanced tech solutions. “We are looking for creative, dynamic individuals who love using technology to solve real-world problems,” said Janaki BN, Associate Director of HR at Logikality. “In 2024, we want to hire experts in software development, project management, AI research, data analysis, cloud services, and cybersecurity. We also aim to bring in industry experts and subject matter experts who can lead in innovation and excellence.”

This hiring will strengthen Logikality’s current teams and create new departments to innovate in technology. “We are excited to welcome new perspectives and expertise that will help us continue providing great value to our clients,” added Janaki.

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Logikality is committed to staying at the forefront of technology, shown by its careful hiring process that looks for people who are not only skilled but also creative and strategic. “Our team members are the core of our innovation. With each new hire, we are not just growing our numbers but also enriching our company culture and enhancing our innovative abilities,” said Vivek Tyagi, Chief Revenue Officer of Logikality.

A Word from Our Leaders

CEO Alok Bansal said, “At Logikality, we are not just creating jobs; we are building career paths that lead to personal and professional growth in high-tech fields. This big expansion shows our commitment to leading in digital transformations and our belief in the continued demand for advanced technology solutions.”

Vivek Tyagi, CRO, also shared, “This is an exciting time for Logikality. As we grow our team, we are setting the stage for a new chapter of innovation and leadership in the tech industry. Every new team member brings us closer to our goal of leading the tech industry and providing top solutions that help our clients succeed.”

Join Us on Our Journey

As Logikality prepares to open many new positions, the company invites potential candidates to join a team that is at the cutting edge of technology and focused on creating sustainable and impactful solutions.

Those interested in being part of this exciting growth and innovation phase should keep an eye on Logikality’s page for upcoming job opportunities.
With this bold move, Logikality is set to influence the market and continue shaping the future of technology.

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