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Mobilizing Industry Stakeholders for Sustainable Transformation: Seize the Opportunity with Tire Pyrolysis Oil & Recovered Carbon Black

It’s time to put capital to work to grow this industry as the symbiosis between decarbonization and creating a circular economy solves the goal of zero end-of-life tires going to landfills.”

— Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO and Founder of Klean Industries Inc. (“Klean”), a leading tire pyrolysis equipment manufacturer that designs and builds pyrolysis projects for processing hydrocarbon-based waste such as end-of-life tires, offers a message to Tire Manufacturers, Carbon Black Producers, Rubber Compounders, and Plastic Masterbatch Manufacturers, in support of the tire pyrolysis industry:

“On the heels of the November 2023 Recovered Carbon Black Congress in Barcelona, Spain, which was attended by approximately 350 people, it is abundantly clear that the tire manufacturing industry is demanding product circularity. The attendees heard repeatedly over the course of the event that the industry as a whole is ready and has the ability to consume the primary end products of the tire pyrolysis industry, specifically the recovered carbon black (“rCB”) and tire pyrolysis oil (“TPO”).

So, our question to the industry is: Where is the funding for such a transition?

All of these industry stakeholders have multi-billion-dollar balance sheets and access to low-cost capital and debt infrastructure funding so why are they not funding this industry to support the demands they are placing on the industry? Why are they putting all the risks on small companies to fulfill their own sustainability demands for circularity? New partnerships need to be created, new alliances between technology companies and end-users need to be forged, new initiatives must be defined to foster greater financial and developmental support of one of the most pressing environmental needs today.”

Tire Pyrolysis is a Proven, Effective, and Sustainable Process for Managing End-of-Life Tires Globally:

As the world continues to face the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, the tire pyrolysis industry has emerged as the most promising ally in the goal of reducing carbon emissions and creating robust circular management of scrap tires. This groundbreaking technology offers the chance for technology companies, recyclers, logistics companies, and manufacturers to partner in addressing the urgent need for decarbonization of the economy and the imperative to preserve our environment. In particular, the recovery of both tire pyrolysis oil and carbon black from end-of-life tires (“ELT”) presents a unique opportunity to take a global lead in the development of sustainable, circular economy practices.

This Is An Opportunity for Partners To Take a Global Lead in Sustainability:

As a key industry stakeholder, the commitment to integrate tire pyrolysis oil and recovered carbon black into procurement strategies will set a positive example for the entire industry. Leadership in adopting sustainable alternatives will inspire others to follow suit, driving a collective commitment to environmental stewardship. To unlock the full potential of tire pyrolysis and make a meaningful impact on decarbonization, the industry’s partnership, and support are needed in key areas:

Support Through Increased Commerce:

Increase the volume of purchase orders for tire pyrolysis oil and recovered carbon black. This not only ensures the financial viability of tire pyrolysis companies but also fosters a shift towards more sustainable practices across the industry.

Long-Term Commitments to Offtake:

Long-term, meaningful offtake contracts and pre-purchase orders support the funding for these capital-intensive projects. These contracts not only secure a market for the produced tire pyrolysis oil and recovered carbon black but also facilitate long-term partnerships that drive sustainable development.

Investment In These New Technologies and Companies:

Financial and in-kind are critical for initiatives that drive development money into these programs through channels such as tipping fees and carbon credits. Stakeholders should consider making their own investments in the development and build-out of these game-changing technologies.

The Value of Recovered Carbon Black and Tire Pyrolysis Oil Are Well Established:

rCB is now an accepted product for new tire manufacturing, an industry that consumes approximately 65% of the virgin carbon black globally, which is predominately made from fossil fuels which have a significant negative impact on the environment.

TPO is a valuable byproduct of the tire pyrolysis process, which involves converting used tires into fuel and other useful products like specialty chemicals, which can go back into the new tire industry. This oil has proven to be an effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels, with a lower carbon footprint and reduced emissions. Furthermore, the production of tire pyrolysis oil also helps to address the issue of tire waste, which is a major contributor to landfills and pollution. By supporting the tire pyrolysis industry, stakeholders can contribute to the decarbonization of the economy and the preservation of the environment. The Benefits of Tire Pyrolysis Are Clear:

Decarbonization of the Economy:

More than 20 million tons of vCB are consumed by industries each year. By almost every measure, vCB production from fossil fuels is one of the highest emitting processes. Some estimates indicate that every ton of vCB replaced by rCB saves 3 tons of CO2 from being introduced to the atmosphere. By replacing traditional fossil fuels with tire pyrolysis oil, the industry can significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Environmental Preservation:

Tire pyrolysis technology transforms used tires into valuable resources, usually with little in the way of emissions or waste. This not only minimizes the environmental impact of tire disposal but also addresses the escalating problem of waste in landfills.

Resource Efficiency:

Recovering both tire pyrolysis oil and carbon black demonstrates a commitment to resource efficiency. Repurposing waste materials contributes to a circular economy, reducing the demand for virgin resources and promoting a more sustainable supply chain.

The time is now. Time is not needed to re-evaluate if this can be done when pioneering companies have proven that quality recovered products can be reliably and consistently produced at scale. The time is now to put capital to work to grow this industry as the benefits to the decarbonization of the economy are obvious.

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Klean Industries (“Klean”) provides best-in-class technologies and solutions in the waste-to-value industry. Our international team of award-winning experts have decades of experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of the highest quality equipment to convert waste streams into valuable energy and resources. Our unique products and services are a result of combined know-how in the design of recycling, resource recovery, waste management, and power generation projects. Our global project management expertise safeguards timelines and budgets enabling projects to be delivered in less time and at lower costs.

Klean uses proprietary technologies to rapidly develop projects that produce the highest quality fuels, recovered Carbon Blacks (“rCB”), and green hydrogen from various kinds of feedstocks. Our knowledge and skills provide a specialization in building projects that use advanced thermal technologies such as pyrolysis, gasification, and carbonization, which convert end of life tires, waste plastics, and municipal solid waste into domestic energy, sustainable commodities, and new cleantech jobs. We create a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy. Klean Industries is the link between the low carbon, circular economy, and the goal of zero waste to landfill.

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