Kiteworks Advances NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Data Pillar Model

Kiteworks aligns with NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity for Data Pillars, delivering content-defined zero trust for federal, DoD, and defense industrial base sectors

With Kiteworks, government and defense organizations can rapidly achieve a mature zero trust security posture and confidently safeguard their most sensitive data assets from evolving threats.”

— Tim Freestone, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Kiteworks

PALO ALTO, CA, US, May 9, 2024 / — RSA Conference 2024 News – Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through its Private Content Network, announced today its Private Content Network aligns with the recently released National Security Administration’s (NSA) Zero Trust Maturity Throughout the Data Pillar model. Federal agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD) sector, and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) can demonstrate compliance quickly and easily across all seven Zero Trust Data Pillars with the help of Kiteworks.

Released in April, NSA’s report concludes that federal agencies, DoD, and DIB can no longer rely on traditional perimeter-based security models to protect sensitive data. Instead, the NSA concludes a Zero Trust approach focused on seven different Data Pillars is required: 1) Data Catalog Risk Alignment, 2) Enterprise Data Governance, 3) Data Labeling and Tagging, 4) Data Monitoring and Sensing, 5) Data Encryption and Rights Management, 6) Data Loss Prevention, and 7) Data Access Control.

Kiteworks provides a robust platform tailored for federal agencies, DoD, and DIB organizations seeking compliance with the NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity for Data Pillars. By offering capabilities such as granular access controls, real-time data usage monitoring, and robust data loss prevention, Kiteworks ensures that government organizations and DIB suppliers meet the highest standards of sensitive content communications security and compliance.

Kiteworks enables organizations to achieve the highest standards of data security and compliance by addressing each data pillar:

– Data Catalog Risk Alignment: Kiteworks facilitates the identification, classification, and prioritization of critical data assets, enabling organizations to establish a robust data catalog and assess risk levels.

– Enterprise Data Governance: Kiteworks enforces granular access policies and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, supporting enterprise-wide data governance initiatives.

– Data Labeling and Tagging: Kiteworks offers automated data labeling and tagging capabilities, allowing organizations to classify and protect sensitive content based on its value and risk.

– Data Monitoring and Sensing: With advanced monitoring and sensing features, Kiteworks enables real-time threat detection and provides visibility into data access, usage, and sharing patterns.

– Data Encryption and Rights Management: The platform provides built-in encryption and digital rights management functionalities to safeguard sensitive content throughout its life cycle, both at rest and in transit.

– Data Loss Prevention: Kiteworks incorporates advanced data loss prevention capabilities, enabling organizations to monitor and block the unauthorized exfiltration of sensitive data.

– Data Access Control: The platform enables granular, context-aware access controls based on user roles, device attributes, and environmental factors, ensuring that data is only accessible under the right circumstances.

“Kiteworks provides a comprehensive, content-defined zero trust platform that empowers federal agencies, the Department of Defense, and the Defense Industrial Base to quickly align with all seven data pillars in the NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity model,” said Tim Freestone, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Kiteworks. “The Kiteworks Private Content Network delivers advanced capabilities across data catalog risk alignment, governance, labeling, monitoring, encryption, loss prevention, and granular access controls. With Kiteworks, government and defense organizations can rapidly achieve a mature zero trust security posture and confidently safeguard their most sensitive data assets from evolving threats.”

To discover more on how Kiteworks enables organizations to embrace NSA’s Zero Trust Maturity for Data Pillars quickly and easily, click here.

About Kiteworks 

Kiteworks’ mission is to empower organizations to effectively manage risk in every send, share, receive, and save of sensitive content. The Kiteworks platform provides customers with a Private Content Network that delivers content governance, compliance, and protection. The platform unifies, tracks, controls, and secures sensitive content moving within, into, and out of their organization, significantly improving risk management and ensuring regulatory compliance on all sensitive content communications. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Kiteworks protects over 100 million end users for over 3,650 global enterprises and government agencies.

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