Education & Upcycling: SeaSweepers Works with Bahamas on Long-Term Fight Against Marine Plastics
Education & Upcycling: SeaSweepers Works with Bahamas on Long-Term Fight Against Marine Plastics

Harbour Island Bahamas Cleanup – SeaSweepers

SeaSweepers Harbour Island Green School Visit

SeaSweepers Harbour Island Green School Visit

SeaSweepers Harbour Island Green School Mural

SeaSweepers Harbour Island Green School Mural

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — SeaSweepers LLC., a Miami-based marine plastics upcycling company, has successfully completed a research mission to the Bahamas paving the way for marine plastics recycling in the region. Following their data gathering initiatives in Florida, their Bahamas trip focused on data collection, collaborating with local organizations and government officials to assess the feasibility of establishing a regional marine plastics recycling solution. Key collaborators included OceanAid360, a non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation efforts, and the Harbour Island Green School, which focuses on environmental education for children.

Danielle Dawley, Vice President of Ocean Aid 360, drew on Ocean Aid 360’s experience in Florida. “Thanks to the continued support from The Grassy Creek Foundation, we’re seeing real community marine habitat conservation in action at Harbour Island,” Dawley said. “For example, the derelict commercial fishing nets and ship rope hauled in today by event volunteers can no longer entangle Harbour Island’s sea turtles and visiting manatees, and the hundreds of plastic containers will not degrade into microplastics with the risk of entering the food chain. What’s exciting is that this work is mobilized by The Harbour Island Coastal Cleanup Committee which includes local residents, and is now majority supported by local businesses, meaning that a continuing and sustainable island intervention to stem the tide of marine litter is taking shape. The community’s age- and gender-inclusive focus, expressed from our earliest planning stages, only reinforces alignments with the Ocean Aid 360 portfolio and our high hopes for enduring conservation impact at Harbour Island with a replicable model for The Bahamas.”

A primary objective of the trip was to assess the quantity and types of plastic pollution impacting the Bahamas, with a specific focus on Harbour Island and remote atoll Islands. SeaSweepers, alongside OceanAid360, participated in a weekend clean-up effort, successfully removing nearly 10,000 pounds of debris from the ocean. This hands-on experience provided valuable data on the types and volume of plastic pollution present in the region.

Vernon Weech from the national Ministry of Tourism Investment and Aviation explained to volunteers that this event “is crucial for the Bahamas because it fosters local community cohesion and forges international alliances for a single objective: protecting the environment.” Weech continued, saying “The fact that tourism is The Bahamas’ top industry and contributes roughly 51% of the nation’s GDP means that our natural resources must be safeguarded at all costs. Our marine life depends on the beach environment, which covers more than 100,000 square miles between 700 islands and cays and supports a fishery sector, local cuisine, and tourism excursions. I commend this fantastic project and hope it keeps expanding to new islands.”

Seasweeper’s Chief Marine Ecologist Katie Hutchinson emphasized the urgency of protecting the oceans through recycling initiatives: “Recycling marine plastics is not just a solution, it’s a necessity. By transforming waste into resources, we can preserve marine ecosystems and support sustainable economic growth. It’s crucial for the health of our oceans and the communities that rely on them.”

SeaSweepers representatives also met with William Simmons, headmaster of the Hi Green School, to discuss the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the local community and the importance of sustainable solutions. The trip fostered collaboration with over 20 Bahamian organizations, including Conch and Coconut, Valentine’s Dive Center, and the Habour Island Coastal Clean-up Committee. This unified effort underscores the Bahamas’ commitment to finding sustainable solutions for marine plastic pollution.

When asked about her experience at the Coastal Community Cleanup, Achliene Delcine, Grade 11 at Harbour Island All Age School, said, “It was a very good experience, because in a way, the more you clean up, the world is getting better and better. I was so frightened with how much garbage was out there, there was so much from one side to the other. I saw baby conchs…and I saw red sea urchins, and other lives down there in the water. It was so amazing how life could be if there wasn’t so much garbage. You have to understand that there is beauty out there, you can’t destroy the world, we are going to need a bright future so put your garbage in the trash can.”

Additionally, the trip emphasized the need to move beyond temporary clean-up efforts and establish a long-term, circular economy that transforms plastic waste into valuable resources. “Our discussions with Bahamian government officials and community leaders were extremely productive,” said Naveen Sydney, CEO and Founder of SeaSweepers. “There is a strong commitment to tackling plastic pollution, and we believe SeaSweepers’ technology can play a vital role in creating a circular economy that builds a long-term transformative and sustainable solution.”

Taryn Larock, Chief Sustainability Officer and Co-Founder of SeaSweepers, added, “We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with OceanAid360 and the HI Green School. Educating future generations about the importance of a healthy ocean is critical to achieving long-term change. Unfortunately in our current world, even when plastic waste is collected, many communities lack the infrastructure to properly recycle it, leading to incineration or landfilling. At SeaSweepers, we’re committed to providing a new and sustainable journey for these ocean plastics. By upcycling them into valuable products, we can divert them from landfills and incinerators, creating a win-win for the community, environment and economy.”

With this successful trip to the Bahamas, SeaSweepers is now in a prime position to move forward with discussions on how their solutions can be implemented to address the marine plastic crisis in the region. The company remains committed to collaborating with local stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan that benefits both the environment and the local communities.

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