Combustible Dust Safety, and The Dust Safety Science, Digital Journal Issue 8

The Dust Safety Science, Issue 8 of Dust Safety Journal, is available to Download

Critical and Valuable insights, in Issue 8 of Dust Safety Journal, with Combustible Dust Safety and Knowledge, and Combustible Dust Explosions

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 19, 2023 / — The Dust Safety Journal, Issue 8, Download here: Download Issue #8 of the Dust Safety Journal

The latest insights in Combustible Dust safety, Combustible Dust Explosions, and Combustible Dust knowledge, are covered in detail, with the new Dust Safety Science, Issue 8 of the Dust Safety Journal.

In this new Dust Safety Science, Issue 8 of the Dust Safety Journal, learn about:

1) Proposed Regulation Changes for Combustible Dust in British Columbia:

Stay informed about the evolving regulations in British Columbia related to combustible dust, ensuring any workplace remains compliant.

2) More Than Just the Best Dust Collectors on Earth – Fire and Explosion Protection Solutions From Imperial Systems:

Explore comprehensive fire and explosion protection solutions beyond dust collection systems, offered by Imperial Systems.

3) How to Become A Certified Safety Professional:

Get valuable guidance on the path to becoming a certified safety professional, enhancing your career prospects in dust safety management.

4) Choosing Between Passive and Active Explosion Protection Systems:

Gain insights into the critical decision-making process of selecting between passive and active explosion protection systems at any facility.

5) Explosion Protection System Deficiencies as Discovered Through Performing DHA’s:

Part Two – Other Hazards: Delve into the second part of our series, uncovering deficiencies in explosion protection systems through Dust Hazard Analyses (DHA) with a focus on other hazards.

Stay ahead in Combustible Dust safety knowledge by downloading the Dust Safety Journal, Issue 8, at:

The Dust Safety Journal can help safeguard any workplace, from Combustible Dust and Combustible Dust Explosions.

The Dust Safety Journal is an extension of our communication, hazard awareness, and education work to drive our road to zero mission: At least one year with zero fatalities worldwide from combustible dust explosions by 2038.

The Dust Safety Science research work and efforts, provide valuable insights, allowing manufacturing facilities safer, from Combustible Dust explosions.

Thank you for your time and consideration, when downloading and reviewing the Dust Safety Journal:

About Dust Safety Science, :

Dr. Chris Cloney (PEng.) is Managing Director and Lead Researcher at DustEx Research, a company with a worldwide focus on increasing awareness of combustible dust hazards and reducing personal and financial loss from fire and explosion incidents.

Chris spent five years working as an engineering consultant and software developer in the defense industries focusing on detonation, explosion, and blast research. Upon completing his PhD thesis in the area of modeling coal dust and hybrid mixture explosion, he moved into the world of online education focusing on sharing and connecting the combustible dust community.

Chris is a recognized expert in the field of combustible dust research publishing over 15 peer-reviewed journal articles and presenting at academic conferences in the US, Canada, China, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Poland. He is a featured public speaker having taken the stage at Explosion Safety Days 2017 in Brilon, Germany and the 2018 iPBS Powder Show in Chicago, and has written industry articles featured in Powder Bulk Solids and Chemical Engineering magazines.

Feel free to contact Dr. Chris Cloney, with any questions, regarding Combustible Dust Safety and Consulting,

Dr. Chris Cloney – Managing Director and Lead Researcher at DustEx Research

Email: [email protected]

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