BSLBATT Launches Premium Quality Lithium Ion Forklift Battery To Power Global Industries

Forklift battery pack

Industrial lithium battery suppliers

Industrial lithium battery suppliers

BSLBATT, China’s leading forklift battery manufacturer, provides customized and innovative forklift batteries to power various industries worldwide.

KALLANGUR, NEW YORK, USA, August 30, 2023/ — BSLBATT, a leading industrial lithium battery manufacturers in China, proudly announces its commitment to serving customers worldwide with the utmost dedication to excellence in products and services.

Fuelled by its passion for integrating cutting-edge technology, BSLBATT stands out in the industry for its premium quality lithium ion phosphate battery cell production. The lithium ion forklift battery manufacturers offer their customers 950+ options for all types, makes, and models of forklifts. The lithium ion forklift battery offers mixed fleet support, high quality, excellent performance, and a hundred percent brand battery guarantee. These features enable customers to benefit from cleaner, safer, and longer lasting forklift batteries for higher productivity and efficiency.

An ISO-certified company, BSLBATT specializes in designing, selling, and manufacturing advanced forklift battery pack for heavy-duty applications. The forklift battery packs from the BSLBATT brand make the perfect replacement for lead-acid batteries. Their battery packs are used to power industrial and commercial equipment like golf carts, handling equipment, cleaning equipment, electric vehicles, and more. With a passion for sustainability in innovation, BSLBATT strives to exceed customer expectations with top quality batteries, expert engineers, and seven years warranty.

Based in Huizhou, BSLBATT cooperates with the biggest lithium-ion battery suppliers in China to provide the highest quality products and solutions to customers around the world. A leader in material handling lithium batteries, the company has successfully partnered with over 36+ distributors and 118+ dealers on the global market. With a proven legacy of 20 years in the industry, BSLBATT’s core values revolve around providing comprehensive services and attaining peak performance.

BSLBATT forklift batteries have widespread applications in electric forklifts, electric vehicles, golf carts, industrial robots, floor machines, marine, and mobile elevated work platforms, etc. Over the years, BSLBATT has emerged as China’s number one in the replacement of lead-acid batteries with LIFEPO4 forklift batteries. The company has also become a “Change Ambassador” for the international implementation of the new technology. It continuously invests in technological developments and explores new chemical compositions to reduce product costs further and improve performance to continue replacing lead-acid batteries.

“BSLBATT looks forward to partnering with new distributors and dealers for global expansion. We provide customized and innovative doosan forklift battery solutions for heavy-duty applications. We rely on smart-powered solutions and cutting-edge modular technologies to offer the best products and services to our customers. Our focus on becoming a benchmark for safety, reliability, and longevity with our innovative industrial lithium battery products is what separates us from our competitors,” says the Founder of BSLBATT.

BSLBATT is a fast-paced, high-growth, and hi-tech industrial lithium battery suppliers and manufacturers based in Huizhou, China. The company’s commitment to excellence in lithium ion forklift battery systems makes them the most prominent developers, manufacturers, and integrators of forklift batteries in China. The company successfully collaborates with several OEM market leaders to power industries across the globe.

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