Botanical Brewing Co. Launches First-Ever Kanna Drink On Tap

Botanical Brewing Co.’s Master Brewer James Jones and Co-Founder Jacqueline Rusher celebrate the company’s first kanna beverage. It’s the first kanna drink on tap in the U.S.

Blue and white sun logo for Botanical Brewing Co.

Botanical Brewing Co. was founded during the pandemic by sisters Jacqueline Rusher and Caroline Rusher.

A flight of four drinks of various colors.

A flight of nonalcoholic beverages are shown outside the Botanical Brewing Taproom in Cape Coral, FL. Botanical Brewing Co. is the first company to craft kanna on tap for the 18+ crowd.

Florida company’s Lychee Bomb is making waves in the non-alcoholic movement.

The introduction of kanna to the non-alcoholic beverage industry is going to make some serious waves.”

— Jacqueline Rusher, co-founder of Botanical Brewing Co. & Kava Culture

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA, USA, September 20, 2023/ — Botanical Brewing Co. has launched Lychee Bomb, the first-ever kanna drink on tap in the U.S., the company announced today.

“We didn’t set out to completely change an industry, but that’s what happens when you’re focused on innovation,” says Jacqueline Rusher, CEO of Botanical Brewing Company and Kava Culture in Cape Coral, FL. “The introduction of kanna to the non-alcoholic beverage industry is going to make some serious waves. Talk about a plant buzz!”

Kanna is a South African flowering succulent plant. Botanical Brewing Co. is crafting 4 different types of drinks with kanna: Uplifting, Balanced, Heavy, and a Triblend mix of all three. The company boasts the mood-enhancing effects from all of its non-alcoholic drinks, and kanna is no different. From energy and love to relaxation and bliss, kanna is meant to deliver elevated feelings without alcohol to those 18 and older.

Lychee Bomb is a Triblend kanna with ingredients such as apple juice, monk fruit, and natural lychee flavors, that brings feelings of pure bliss. James Jones, master brewer at Botanical Brewing Co, is elated to be a part of a new beverage category.

“It is really cool that we have the chance to be the first to put kanna into a drink form,” says Jones. “Ready-to-drink alcohol alternatives are at the forefront of the industry, and we pride ourselves on being leaders and innovators, infusing new plant compounds with amazing new flavors.”

Kava Culture was co-founded in 2017 in Southwest Florida by sisters Jacqueline Rusher and Caroline Rusher. In 2020, the sisters started Botanical Brewing Co. as an outlet to sell their plant-based kava and elixirs in cans and kegs, both at their kava bars and wholesale at retail locations.

Lychee Bomb is available in kegs to wholesalers and retailers online. It’s also on tap at the Botanical Brewing Taproom in Cape Coral and all Kava Culture Kava Bar locations.

Kava Culture bars promote the rich cultural heritage surrounding kanna, kava, kratom, and elixirs in a place where you can work like you’re at the office and relax like you’re at home.

ABOUT BOTANICAL BREWING CO.: Botanical Brewing Company was created during the midst of a global pandemic. Its stress-relieving, plant-based beverages (kava, kanna, and elixirs) are sold wholesale in kegs and cans.

ABOUT KAVA CULTURE: Kava Culture is a women-owned lifestyle oriented brand bringing the ceremonial and traditional kava of the South Pacific to modern day American life. With 13 locations in Florida and Texas and more on the way, each kava bar is uniquely designed for its local community. Franchise opportunities are available.

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