AOPEN Brings Stability and Innovation to a Rapidly Changing Mini PC Landscape


The AOPEN ACE Series, Commercial-grade Mini PCs

The AOPEN ACE Series

An AOPEN Partner

AOPEN’s purpose-built Mini PCs excel as Intel NUCs phase out. Their reliability, performance, and industry-tailored features redefine commercial computing.

With the announcement of Intel discontinuing the NUC lineup, the AOPEN ACE Series has swiftly emerged as our preferred PC choice.”

— Brandon Jones, Head of

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2023/ — AOPEN has already revolutionized the landscape of commercial computing. Now, as familiar consumer products like Intel NUC Mini PC are being discontinued, further highlighting AOPEN purpose-built mini PCs that deliver unmatched durability, reliability, and performance.

In an industry where change is unsettling, AOPEN is rapidly innovating and improving its product lines. Staying ahead of evolving business needs, AOPEN continues to engineer its range of Mini PCs specifically designed for the rigors of commercial environments.

Reliability is the cornerstone of the AOPEN ACE Series. Built to surpass consumer-grade devices, these Mini PCs are built with purpose – with tested and proven components and a robust design that thrives in demanding conditions – whether bustling retail spaces, rugged industrial settings, campus hallways, AOPEN Mini PCs deliver unwavering, reliable performance.

AOPEN sets the bar for reliability with rigorous testing and quality control processes that exceed industry standards because trust is the foundation of AOPEN partnerships and its commitment to users in the field. “With the announcement of Intel discontinuing the NUC lineup, the AOPEN ACE Series has swiftly emerged as our preferred PC choice. It has reassured our team and allowed us to navigate potential concerns, ensuring smooth progress in our clients’ collaborative projects without a hitch,” said Brandon Jones from, an AOPEN partner.

All AOPEN Mini PCs come equipped with purpose-built features that maximize performance and cater to the unique requirements of various industries. Advanced thermal management enables smooth operation in temperature-sensitive environments; secure mounting options provide peace of mind for public installation, and versatile connectivity allows for seamless integration with peripherals.

Committed to excellence, AOPEN has earned the trust and recognition across its channel partnerships – resellers, software developers, integrators, distributors, content providers, and kiosk manufacturers. From manufacturing and electric vehicle charging to healthcare, retail, and digital signage, the AOPEN ACE Series is synonymous with reliability and performance.

What is the benefit of using an AOPEN device?
> AOPEN looks the part and plays the role with extensive R&D across component selection and design
> Commercial & industrial products with the lowest industry failure rate (<2% Windows/Linux, <1% ChromeOS)
> Effectively a “no-frills” warranty – purpose-built for extended use 24/7/365

AOPEN is a Solution-Ready Company
AOPEN computing device solutions can withstand all environments and scenarios without skipping a beat — meeting obstacles head-on, filling gaps where others are apprehensive, and taking on situations (like nonstop 24/7 use cases) that may not “work in their favor.”
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About AOPEN:
Twenty-six years ago, AOPEN, an Acer Group Company, invented the ultra-small form factor Mini PC. Today, we offer a Solution-Ready portfolio of commercial, industrial, education, and medical-grade devices ideal for digital signage, drive-thru signage, digital menu boards, kiosk solutions, machine controllers, etc. For more information, visit

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